Elite Amateur Golf Lesson With GC2

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Andrew Foulds says:

I love gc2 it’s so good, I wish some one near me had one 

jochen487 says:

+2 amateur, he can play golf for a living

paul hutchinson says:

Thanks for posting this excellent insight I am definitely making an
appointment to my nearest Academy in Portugal. Technology is awesome bit
like your pupil Lee golf swing! Looking forward to see more video golf from
you Rick.

Ian Smith says:

Why would someone dislike this video ? Thanks for posting Rick

golfninja says:

Good stuff, (except for the hoodie…what is that!!! sorry Lee, ha!) great
Up his launch angle & there’s going to be a huge improvement for sure, yes
bit more loft on the driver, even try a 10 degs, which I know as a low am
he’ll probably kick back at a bit, but he’ll reap the rewards providing the
spin rate stays down.
That extreme bowed wrist does need work on once your changes keyed in a
bit, I think, & most likely why although his feet closed his shoulders arms
so open before you changed it, as with that much bow & closed face you have
to work hips & body left so much & so quickly & if you’re timing is off
just a tad your hitting it off the planet left once you’ve done that a few
times what follows is the big block right, as Dustin J does when his timing
is off.
If you can neutralize the bow and the neutralize the inside swing path some
so it’s maybe path at +3 ish, he’s going to be back to +2 through being
able to be a lot more consistent, happy days:) Really enjoyed your work on
this vid RS, great stuff.

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