Elk’s Lesson With Sung Woon Lee (Part 3) – Episode #1416

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Aaron Kasparov says:

What a sweet girl. Gorgeous body; gorgeous golf swing.

golfnff says:

Restricting hip turn in backswing is one of the worst things you can do for
your swing. It will make it difficult to get a deep right hip at the top
and this takes away the space needed for the arms on the downswing

robert thaler says:

creating all that nice torque she’ll be headed to the orthopedic surgeons
before very long like Tiger the torque miester and countless other young
golfers with lower back problems. Nicklaus and Norman never talked about
the swing this way and played incredibly strong golf thruout their careers.
Norman frequently talked about turning the right hip pocket all the way
around in the backswing as far as possible to generate full and free range
of motion. Nicklaus did the same, had almost a reverse pivot he turned so
far and had an incredibly powerful swing. This rubber band theory is
destructive imo.

Diego Diaz says:

All I know is that she’s lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

x sauceda says:

ok, Mrs Elkington called – this lesson is officially OVER.

2468Bubbly says:

Ball Sriker is so wrong.

Ball Striker says:

I play with alot of painters out on my weekend golf and they wonder why
their PW only flies 120yds while mine flies 140-150yds. I f you want the
ball to fly up with a penetrating ball flight, you have to hit down. Last
week I gave a few tips to a couple of friends and they both gained 10-15
yds, instantly, but now they have more to think about, which is good 🙂

Elk knows, once you know, you never go back.

MrLoichin says:

Are you sure? Bomb the ground? Dynamic? This poor lady is going to hit down
a lot on her driver shots that will create so much back spin. She will also
balloon her irons shorts way too high if she plays elks way. Her original
swing suits her better. Like what hogan said, it has to feel natural to
one’s body or motion. 


Good lesson Elk!! This is something I try to teach to myself…

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