England v Australia | Match Highlights | Autumn Nations Series

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Highlights from Twickenham as a first ever international try for Freddie Steward helped England secure an eighth successive win over Australia!

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Stacey McGrath says:

Fk Aus…well done lads 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Clint Oruss says:

Out of the last 14 tests between these 2 teams Australia have only won 2, and lost the last 8 in a row. It's like Australias bogey side

石田一 says:

流石😲england🤔 ラグビー発祥の地😊🤗⁉️❤️🌹🕊️💌🌟🌠☄️🍀 間違えて居たら😲 ゴメンナサイネ🐭👍🏻

Ian Trotman says:

England, shame shite different day PENALTIES, PENALTIES..

Ian Trotman says:

England, shame shite different day PENALTIES, PENALTIES..

Sergio September says:

Arrogant England vs Springboks, I wonder who's gonna be the Ref, hopefully not Mr Angus Gardner. He was shit on Saturday, Ignorant Bastard

Youser57 says:

Zzz no wonder why we don't care about union in Oz, watch NRL to see where our quality is at. Way tougher and skillful form of rugby.

Rock Kid says:

Australia have the talent, but need to work on their consistency.

Carlos Cabrera says:

well done england!

Adam B says:

I grew up in a rugby league town with dudes who played state of origin and for the kangaroos. Rugby is the private school league. I think we could do better if we could pay these dudes league money.

Keith Tonkin says:

Have the northern hemisphere teams finally caught up to the south and will it last?

Zac Stowell says:

The guy at the back at 3:55 lol

Vonk De Ridder says:

I watched the cricket today and realized that the poor polys are only implemented to do the heavy lifting in rugby games.. poor fools

Shane Parkes says:

Great games, nearly as good as Ireland v New Zealand.☘️🇮🇪😁

Nigel Clatworthy says:

Highlights,that was rubbish.

Joseph Natana says:

From NZ 🇳🇿: Daaang…Too bad my bros.. Nice one the English 👍

Expresso Evangelism says:

Isn’t it odd how when you introduce Sam Simmonds for a few minutes he inspires a try out of nothing by using his power, speed and sense of positioning.

He might not appreciate playing wing-forward, but that match might have proved it to him that if he joined in with Dombrant and Lawes in a most amazing world beating back row, that could be worth watching. That could just be the final key to the perfect combination, which allows for the inclusion of Curry and Underhill as replacements, as required. I could get excited about the whole scrum then.

The 3/4 need to find some dynamic lines of running attack and then we’ve got the complete package. Slade knows the angles and has great timing for distribution. Tuilagi has the power to punch holes and we have a good selection of excellent fast and powerful finishers on the wings and fullback.

All good on paper, but as always the key will be linking the 2 with accuracy and speed. Smith excellent, Youngs still firing on all cylinders. I wonder where there might be areas of weakness? Mmmm, the silence is deafening. Back up for Smith if required?

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and March.

Expresso Evangelism says:

That was as monotonous as watching American Football. 2 brief moments of inspiration drowned out by tedium.

Gregory Killen says:

That's what the ARU get for jamming Israel Folau !!!!!……………Good work ARU !!!!!!! Wallabies are now completely pathetic ………….

Dionysos says:

Any man in 2021 wearing a full mustache without a beard has very serious mental health issues.

Ian Cameron says:

Oz looking good. Just can't get that win. They keep proving and I'm tipping them for genuine world cup contenders.

Dean Hudson says:

The scoreline suggests this game was a lot closer than it actually was .

Kobus du Toit Bosman says:

…well, still enjoyable with some great moves ~ pity about the yellow cards but Peyper does’nt often get it wrong.
So, now, the Championship is on with flair and vigour in all sorts of directions…the South came to harvest, let us see how much the bushel can grab and carry?
SO SO BAKGAT that the stadiums are full and riotous once more. To hell with the dampening effect of Covid during ‘20&21.
Thís RugbyFootball Season WILL end on a remarkable note thanks to ALL the spectators, officials and, above all, classy Teams with the greatest of sportsmanship qualities on display – the parks in green!
BAKGAT again, from ZA, BOK Country!!

Harvey Ward says:

As a Pom living in Oz for last 20 years I just don’t see a strong domestic competition, whereas domestic competition in UK has improved dramatically. The result England have way more depth…happy to say Aussie may only win the odd game , England simply have too much firepower, SA and NZ are a different beast though with strong domestic competition and that shows

Rob Palgrave says:

Why use up so much of a 5 minute highlights video showing successful goal kicks and players being carded. More actual rugby please!

Home One says:

Let's be honest, as an England fan, this was a very average performance by England. Far too many penalties, not enough forward grunt except Curry, Slade is not good enough – every game he runs sideways, cramps the wingers then panics and tries a back of the hand offload. The Saffers will ruin him. Tuilagi is utterly one-dimensional and can't even catch a ball unopposed? Not good enough. Care's passing is often not good enough consistently at this level and his little gather before he passes costs a quarter of a second for the backs outside him. On the upside Smith, Steward, Quirke, May all look good but it's all too loose, not precise enough. These wins are disguising problems and iffy selections.

Mark Richards says:

Atmosphere of a library

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