Ernie Els Golf Swing (Fairway Wood) @ 2009 US PGA

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Ernie Els using a fairway wood at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota –


string22 says:

"easy back.. keep the box…. ooohhh shit"

stephen f says:

Also, on equipment…here's one competition you're guaranteed never to see, because the PGA Tour would never allow it: Have the guys go back to persimmon, blades, and balata, and see what they shoot. Just for one weekend. It'd get all over their "these guys are good" campaign. I already know what the result was when MacGregor brought out some persimmon woods in their van a few years ago to a tour event.

In other words, you are soooo right on that point.

stephen f says:

Then again, we talk about Snead as a great ballstriker, and Ernie's more or less a Snead type–sweet-spots it a lot, but sometimes can hit loose shots that hurt him. I guess the distinction I'd make between him and Snead is that Snead, I think, didn't go through longer stretches of iffy ballstriking like Ernie has, although that may have a lot to do with the knee injury (he hasn't been the same since).

Totally agreed on him being a great human, BTW.

stephen f says:

Not a bad point. I agree that modern equipment has made it possible for a _lot_ of players to look better than they actually are (but I don't think Els is in that group). I agree that he might not be in the top all-time group of strikers simply because he's not at the level of consistent control of a Hogan, Nelson, et al. (I'd put guys like Faldo and Price in too, and even Nicklaus, who I think was underappreciated as a striker), but not because he doesn't hit it solid a lot, because he does.

Jeff Palmer says:

with today's equipment, many "suck" compared to when you had to hit the center of the clubface. While suck is a bit harsh, I would not put Ernie in any group of great ball strikers. Would nominate him for being a great human though.

Matt Bonneville says:

Ernie sometimes seems to pop up and come out early sometimes, which is definitely what happened on that first one, IMO that is.
Everyone has issues.

bigmaxy07 says:

Beautiful finish

Chris Paterson says:

My dad always tried to get me to model my swing of off Els' and there's no better swing out there to emulate. Even if you make a mistake, you have such a better chance of correcting by swinging nice and easy and focusing on the mechanics. I love his swing

Raul Duke says:


chrisevilmonkey says:

i think he is aimin to the right. the yellow line confuses u. look at his feet. its pointin towards the right

Vestri ' Stultus says:

Nice swing. Dont think he liked it though. Looks like a push fade. Open face at top.

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

is it just me or did ernie shank that one?

Mox_au says:

7th all time winningest player on euro tour 28 wins, 18 pga wins and a lot of seconds and thirds to a bloke named woods. yeah he sucks alriight…..i wish i sucked too

golfmaniac007 says:

@Vicmarvaldes what is your problem?!? can't comprehend a sarcastic dry humor remark? who needs a life here? jeesh-leweeeeeez!

Douglas Smith says:

@KatiushaVN4 aw yeah as if you could ever be half as good as this guy, dumbass

Douglas Smith says:

I Fucking Hate Fairway Woods!!!!! just can't hit em sweet lol

Aaron Chambers says:

I don't like the way as he contacted the ball in slow motion there was a *POP* and no more sound. I got scared my ear drums were shot.

Matt Rush says:

What camera did you use?

golfmaniac007 says:

thats an ugly swing……he'll never make it anywhere.

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