Ernie Els Swing Tips

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Freshboi Nate says:

That’s the single smoothest golf shot I’ve ever seen

Joseph Johnson says:

Best golf swing ever

Michael Newell says:

Smoothest swing in the history of golf. Incredibly effortless look. This is the swing I strive to achieve

Madoda Xaba says:

I see a little bit of Loiuse Oosthuizen there

JHG says:

he says "….give it a lash" "and off you go….." hits the greatest iron shot of all time… you some of the best swing advice …. all in 2 minutes.

Justin Toop says:

who filmed this, a 3yo?

Yong Shin says:


B M says:

Love Els – his swing is butter – and yes, he makes it sound soooo easy…………but as anyone who golfs knows, its anything but. Wish it was that easy – but then we would all be on the tour.

nikmak says:

This helped me today.

John Clare says:

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Steve Moore says:

The Big Easy.. Beautiful rhythm/ tempo. Copy that swing and you’ll win Majors.

Sam Yoo says:

Me: easy back. keep the box. and there you go. FAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

James Moeller says:

Last Friday, I used Ernie Els' strategy of "Keeping the Box." Keeping that angle throughout the swing. The result? I shot the best round I have had all year. My Drives were straighter and my fairway woods were going long. Also keeping the swing "easy. Paul Wilson preaches Ernie's idea of swinging easy at the ball, not hard. Try this! You will be amazed. Oh! yes, Thank you Ernie Els, you are the best.


Golf course is good

eurich33 says:

Effortless!!! What a player

daves says:

Having spent hours looking for tips and practicing them for days and weeks, this is the best tip for a golf swing that works.
Keeping the right elbow angle and the right hand angle stable into the shot is the key – this is as close the the golf holy grail that I have found

MJ Young says:

I heard Ernie mention once that you should tee ball at practice.? Ever shot!….tee it up. Im sure many would like to know….WHY???

dave rogers says:

Ernie and Fred–like butter!

Oviblin says:

Best swing ever

Ismerai Alvarado says:

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