Ernie Els Teaches Some Golf Swing Basics

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Brady Hanson says:

I got these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), read it in 1 night, and the next day at the driving range put it into practice. I was instantly taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after strong impact. The distance I can achieve with my irons has improved to 10-15 yards. I strongly recommend the book to you!

Bob Sakamano says:

Thanks for the seizure.

97222492 Manchoi1961 says:

;ii…:/: /.i:'一……i..:.i.一小./i.?

Toby Barker says:

nicest swing in golf?

Amazon Mike says:

if i had 3 wishes, one wish would be to have his swing

Bornahater says:

Is that Good Cop/Bad Cop?

mjrdog says:

did you film this with a toaster?

Richard Ong says:

Good stuff but made me think about Max Headroom when it glitched. 

Mox_au says:

what ever happened to the proper footage of this? there was one without all this glitchy shit in it and he hits another shot at the end

paul williamson says:

how can 13 idiots thumbs down this video..I wonder how many jugs they have between them

Donna Farley says:

After just watching a video on my golf swing debocal I figured out that people who get confused on the "Hokey Pokey" should not be attempting to learn how to swing a golf club!!!! Don't worry I am still going to try, maybe not the Hokey Pokey, but definatley the game of golf

John Thomas says:

In the game of golf, it’s essential to know how far you are able to hit your clubs on a consistent basis. By taking advantage of the golf driving range, you will get a great idea of how far your driver can go as well as your 9 iron. Once you know how far you can hit your clubs, you will be able to practice some great course management skills when you are out on the course.

fixgear23 says:

I love it… And Els!

James Tupper says:

I think this was filmed with a dubstep potato phone.

Bionic Bacon says:

It's like Jacob's Ladder golf creepiness.

Alsask says:

Mild seizure. No problem.

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