Ernie Els: What’s In The Bag?

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Brian Bennett says:

I know it's an old video,,, but the YES! putter,,, I remember wanting one of those probably ten years ago. I can remember why? 🙂

I always aspired to have EE's smooth swing.

Anthony Kernich says:

I wonder if he takes 3 putters in his bag now after the Masters lol

Pilkingtong says:

I want to see the faces of the two guys who downvoted this

moreme40 says:

I think he plays Callaway now

tatchy1001 says:

tour pro in 'Best clubs I've ever hit' comment about the company that now pay him to use their equipment comment shocker  lol

Steve Evans says:

Wow that was fascinating. What a bag. Tight lie fairway woods and hybrids replacing 3 and 4 iron.

FellowPazzini23 says:

Would love to try the irons. I'm enjoying the Vtech 4's at the moment which are a cracking set.

Gman6755 says:

Not a glowing endorsement of Adam's line of drivers when he is still hitting the Taylormade. 

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