Essentials: The Top 10 Things to Know About Ben Hogan

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Ben Hogan is a legendary Hall-of-Famer and one of the greatest golfers of all time. Check out the ten things you need to know about one of the hardest workers in PGA TOUR history. .

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SaiDaiOh says:

0:33 They manufacture clubs again.

UN Owen says:

Why does YouTube show upcoming highlights of tits and ass woman golfer's after this fitting tribute to Mr. Hogan.  Sex may sell, but you're not selling it here.

ezeddie32 says:

Wasn't Sam Snead from West Virginia. You would think they would get the home tiwn right for one of the top 10 golfers of all time!

DL Jamieson says:

not to mention his military service/interruption of WWII, also in his prime years

Sonofataco says:

Sitting literally in front of his burial site as I type this. Came to pay respects. I love this man.

Alex says:

such a legend and an inspiration to us all

Gam3Junkie says:

What a guy. Class all over.

Blair Phillips says:

The Secrets in The Dirt…. he's right. Good instruction and practice have helped me.

TheGolfer231 says:

Can only imagine how many majors he would have won had he not been in that car accident.

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