Ethan Gillis Junior Golfer

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59samuel says:

My friends a jealous

J Noise says:

Thats a weird swing, and the backswing is kinda butchered, but if ur shooting 70s for 18 holes, i guess it works lol.

Phillipa Dubois says:

340 yards bullshit lies

Matthew Boxer says:

0:59 I'm pretty sure I've played that course before, hit my drive into that creek somewhere. Which one is that?

BurnedSpace says:

Hahahahah at 1:15 "Great swing"

MC Wonders says:

hi im 8yrs old i hit my drives 380 everytiem im always atleast 10under par i am a pga pro.

TJ Boyle says:

Your swing is so messed up you need to figure it out the right way.

Milolewisgreen says:

Do you like to play a cut or a draw Ethan?

Cold Goldzilla says:

You can't drive 340

Gforce 456 says:

You never hit 340 not even some pro can hit it that far


I started golfing when I was 11 and I wasn't very good but now im decent and put scores in the high 80"s and low 90's but Ethan is on a whole new level. I also inspire to be pro golfer. Ethan I just wanted to say good luck and to let you now you have a bright future in golf.

Zarar Ajam says:

how has he only been playing for a year and hes that good?!

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