EV-97 Landing at Sywell Aerodrome, Aero Expo May 2012

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A flight from City Airport (Barton) to Sywell Aerodrome to visit Aero Expo on 26th May 2012. The headwind en-route added an extra 20 minutes to the flight which routed via the Manchester Low Level Route, abeam Tatenhill and Bruntingthorpe and then we following the special holding procedure for a landing on Runway 03 Grass. There were several aircraft in the procedure, but it seemed to work very well. The approach was a bit choppy with a bit of a crosswind so we were ready to abort if necessary, but it eased off towards the end. Filmed with an NFlight Contour HD Camera.

Overhead join and landing on runway 09 at Shobdon on 23-05-2012. We had departed City Airport (Barton) at around 15:00 and headed South down the Manchester Low Level Route. After that, we contacted Shawbury Zone and routed overhead Ellesmere, Welshpool and then direct to Shobdon. Great flight with some fantastic scenery and helpful ATC/FISO's. Recorded with a Contour Nflightcam HD GPS.