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Sportscaster and Pebble Beach local, Jim Nantz, narrates this spectacular hole-by-hole drone flyover of Cypress Point Golf Club in Pebble Beach, California.

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Every Hole at Cypress Point Golf Club in Pebble Beach, CA

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Victor Pino says:

the best golf course in the world

John Paul says:

Jim Nantz sounds a lil too excited

Whit Whittle says:

This would be awesome without Nantz

Henry Doake says:

I have played this course. It was pretty fun.

Eric Jaye says:

Another course I'll never play….

Fernando Garcia says:

Facts Michael Jordan was denied a membership!

Matthew Gottuso says:

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K-LAWN says:

10:40 "It's a unique unexpected finish to a course that provides a lifetime of memories….as long as you're the right shade of brown"

Mark Patterson says:

No. 14 outrageous tee shot requirement…my God….I love it

kurt mathews says:

Turned off at “Members Only”. What’s the point.

Son Of Dad says:

Stunningly gorgeous and beyond interesting, I'd love to see how today's pro would fare on this course.

We need a revival of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf, with a match right here at Cypress Point.

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