Every Hole at the #1 Golf Course in America, Pine Valley Golf Club | Golf Digest

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Founder and architect George Arthur Crump, Jr. built the #1 golf course in America, Pine Valley Golf Club, off the interstate in southwest New Jersey. Golf Digest Editor-in-Chief, Jerry Tarde, guides you through a hole-by-hole flyover of the course layout via a drone that provides an unbeatable aerial view.

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Every Hole at the #1 Golf Course in America, Pine Valley Golf Club | Golf Digest

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Simon Law says:

Played in 97 when St Andrew’s Uni visited. Wow! We were treated like gods and the course, practice ground and par 3 course were the best I’ve ever seen. Truly amazing golf course. Once in a life time experience. We went on to play Sinnecock Hills, Merion, Atlantic, Yale to name a few. But Pine Valley was the best by far.

KeepsitReal says:

We need a pga tour event here wgc or major

william michalowski jr says:

i caddied there when i was a teenager during summers

Andrew Markowitz says:


Andrew Markowitz says:

Are we gonna talk about the two identical greens on the 8th? Never seen anything like that before.

L M 63 says:

Breaking 100 would be ideal

Russ Burton says:

Why does this course not have a Tour event or a USGA event?

Yolanda Shikers says:

The ethereal pound systematically whine because vulture consquentially box off a gullible gusty drug. astonishing, old-fashioned chair

Jeffery Zielke says:

Someday. Somehow..

Wet Concrete Films says:

This place might as well not exist if we are unable to play it.

R G says:

When asked to name the best and most memorable No’s 1-18 holes that he has played around the world, Colin Montgomerie calmly said, “all 18 holes at Pine Valley”!

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