Every Shot with a Training Aid on – because WHY NOT?

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Yes I bought this with my own money and no it is not a paid promotion. It's the Callaway Swing Easy. I had no idea what the point of it was, much like this video. But it definitely changed my concept of putting and also made me swing easier by making me distracted from all other thoughts about my swing. I love it.

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I mainly use it now for putting practice because I now tuck my elbows in and moved my hands beind the grip of the putter and rock my shoulders back and forth. This training aid was great for that.

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Jus Fews412 says:

How did you get the tracers in your video?

Dave Patrick says:

Dont stand on the ladies line 4:45 LOL

RamsnDodgersfan says:

Cool. Wish you would have summed it up at the end a bit more, but got the idea younliked it.

Florida Shawn says:

I bought one, but it didn't come with directions. I assumed it went on my thighs. Chafed like crazy. So glad I found this video. Thanks!!

nicktan888 says:

Where are the videos bausman?

Rob Shields says:

haven't seen anything posted for a couple of weeks. hope everything is okay in your end of the world

Ed Foley says:

2:41 , yards…FAR LOL love Golf Sidekick

Jeff Wolfson says:

How do you get the red line tracking every shot? Is that a launch monitor, and if so, which one do you use?

Scott Birdman says:

The 'way of the playa' has changed my outlook on golf as much as Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" has changed my outlook on life. Happy golf, happy life. Thanks and looking forward to your next video (will it be soon?).

VintageFlyAngler says:

Where have you gone Kal-EL? Fortress of Solitude?

Clint Hutson says:

Best golf channel on YouTube by far! Thanks for changing my mindset and changing my game. Low 80’s here I come…

SinghKaviraj says:

Haven't seen anything new from you in a while. I hope everything is good

Ryan Fagan says:

Came to the latest video to say: Hole 16 @ Muskoka highlands in Bracebridge Ontario. Hit a great drive to cut the corner and set up a 4 iron into the green. On my way up to the green I see I feather, clearly deliberately planted in the fairway.

Some fine playa grew me a birdie today and it was my only one of the day ! Thank you

Pablo Ramírez says:

Any upcoming videos for a special 100K subs? I had been waiting for this moment since… a long while. C'mon playas let's celebrate 100K!!

Ayoub Oussar Golf World says:

It should be called the BRO not the BRA !

Linda Hovland says:

You ok. miss your vids

Krishna Karanam says:

Why didn’t I find this channel before this

snowytothebowy says:

Yards = Far ???

Harold Dunn says:

Will you be releasing the bag tags this year? Bought some last year and looking forward to buying more, please let us know.

Ken Pappas says:

There are 100's of golf ball types and a variety of player types. Why not do a video on how to select the right ball for you?

Cultured Left Foot says:

Hey, just wondering, what shot tracer app do you use ? It seems incredibly good!

rick petryk says:

Thank you for showing that I picked 1 up at local sporting goods stores. Very effective! Thank you playa in chief!

Nick Martin says:

Hey Matt, how do you add the shot tracer to your videos and are the graphics for scorecard, hole, club etc something you want to share? 😀

Dai Smith says:

Really enjoying your content at the moment Matt – been busy trawling through the older videos and suggest others do the same, some great content there. Keep up the good work!

Forrest Baker says:

Stock More Bucket Hats! Waddahat, gotta protect the ears of the Playa

Mateo Palacio says:

Playa, where do you get your bucket hats?

Linda Brookes says:

I bet you struggle to get your wallet out to buy the drinks with that on

Dennis S says:

Waddabra The two become one. Truly biblical.

Ryan I says:

congrats on 100k GS! Wadda playa in chief!

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