EXPENSIVE VS CHEAP: Taylormade GAPR vs Mizuno Fli-Hi 2 Iron

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Michael Lim says:

I still rock that same Mizuno fli hi

Jake Smalley says:

Why not test the p790 udi?

BeachBow says:

I have an 845s 2 iron that I really love. Especially good for a low draw/hook shot that runs for miles.

B2B Bogey says:

That stinger? Holding of release? Want to know how to hit that.

Sam Slade says:

ya should have got the Srixon Zu85, beats them all

Stevo Is Lost says:

Try a second hand Callaway X Proto Utility as well, I wish I never sold mine.

Mr Bertie says:

I’ve got the new fli hi 2 iron I’m a hi handicapper I got it £140 brand new £100 less than the gapr and its currently my longest straightest best feeling club in my bag I love hitting it that much I don’t use my driver anymore and not to much distance lost especially in the summer time

Golden Gate says:

Great comparison video! … I am not surprised the Mizuno had ample opportunity for more distance … and hence NOT "cheap" … Hybrids are great and let you get away with faulty swings or swing like "FRed Flinstone" and still get some distance … but if one has a sound swing you can always put some "whoop ass" on a 2 iron … 🙂 … and a real 2 iron keeps you honest … I will never part with my MacGregor 2 iron …

Joe Perez says:

Cheap??? CHEAP??? Those Mizuno MP Fli-Hi's weren't cheap when I bought them new. Still have the 2, 3 & 4 irons, which I bought to flesh out my set of MP-59s, which are still in the closet as well. Can't bring myself to use them as trade-ins.

TXchadTX says:

GAPR was pretty impressive for me and I'm skeptical about how much "tech" can do for any club. Against the TMB it was more versatile (high and low) and more forgiving. and about 8-10 yards longer

Jan Johansson says:

I love your stingers-video. Thinking buying me a utility 2 or 3. I'm a 10 hcp and have a swing speed with driver around 100 mph. Do you think I have enough speed for a 2 iron or should a go for the 3 iron? More stingers please…

Alan Nield says:

I play the MPH4 2 iron and I love it, I genuinely can’t see the Taylormade giving me anything extra

Sir TogII says:

I suppose the only issue is that you can't try the second hand Mizuno out before you buy it, unless you find one in your local pro's bargain bucket… For that reason, and getting the fitting options, I think both alternatives are decent. Sure if you find one on Ebay with a shaft you know fits you…suppose

danthemanwhocancan says:

I think the Hzrdus Black 6.5 will lower the flight quite a bit on the gapr lo

James Ferguson says:

Mizuno are fantastic clubs

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