Explaining the Influences of Smash Factor With Iron Play | Dynamic Loft, Attack Angle, & Spin Loft

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Smash Factor is one of the most common discussion points in a 2nd Swing Tour Van fitting. It measures the efficiency at which a golf club strikes the golf ball. However, when breaking down smash factor further, there are other details that can influence smash factor that can greatly change the number from swing to swing.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell discusses how he is able to generate a smash factor above 1.40 through dynamic loft, spin loft, and attack angle.

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PapaB says:

Fantastic! Thank you so much for this lesson. It's the best explanation of what determines smash factor that I've ever heard and will prove extremely helpful.

Anonymous says:

Do you have a video on how to lower the dynamic loft.

Ken Walls says:

I am wondering if you can provide some feed back on my driver swing. I had it analyzed recently. I'm 64 years old, not know for distance off the tee. My driver swing speed is 87 mph, average smash factor 147, but my drive only carries 200 yards. Driver loft is 10 degrees, regular flex shaft 8.8 handicap. My swing speed with a 7 iron is 95, smash factor 130, carry 157 yards. Why am I loosing swing speed and distance with my driver? Any insight you can provide will be appreciated.

dogiego says:

I've only heard "compression" when talking about golf balls, not golf swings. When you talk about "compression", are you talking about ball compression? (a steeper club path angle results in less ball compression due to turf interaction???).

TPA tennis says:

Can you get perfect smash factor with a draw or fade?

OPQRST says:

Hi Thomas. How does your BETTER COMPRESSION shots (187 yds) fly 15.6 yards farther than the STEEPER ATTACK ANGLE shots (171.4), when virtually all other variables are the same? I'm referring to summary table @15:28. What changed the Smash Factor here? Thanks.

Nelly says:

how do you decrease the dynamic loft while keeping the attack angle shallow? That seems like the key

Eec2021 says:

Basically your hands are so far ahead of your club head your turning your seven iron into a five iron and hitting it 180 yards.

Vincent Leppink says:

I have a question because I hit a smash factor of 1.57 on my driver yesterday. (Trackman) Is that better than 1.51 or is 1.51 the perfect middle?

Isaac Max says:

Moral of the story play game improvement clubs. Got it 😅. Kidding but I definitely need to improve my compression.

Meme Man says:

This made me realize the distance I am missing out on. I sit at around 95 mph club head speed with 7 iron and get lucky if I can carry it 165. Prolly cause my attack angle is -5

Craig Nelson says:

It boggles my mind to see an 85 mph club speed 7i with traditional lofts carrying 180 consistently. This channel has come a long way since you guys started putting more work into it, and I'm really loving this type of coaching/technique/equipment hybrid content, rather than just focusing on one aspect (especially not just equipment!)

Eric Watts says:

Interesting! I swing my 7i between 92-94mph but I have never got close to you carry numbers with proper compression. What would you suggest to improve compression? Ball a bit further back?

D Sexton says:

All good information, but most of this is above the average handicap player, just trying strike an iron solid is progress. No average amateur is going to carry a 7 iron 170, 180 or 190, this is why a lot of people drop out of golf or not as excited as most, unrealistic expectations

OgGunClappaNum1 says:

I’ve been wondering about that high smash factor. Interesting stuff!

helopuro says:

Really interesting Thomas! Well explained again. Keep up with these type of informative videos 😎

tpartanen says:

Great insight. Could you do a video on how to deloft your 7 iron a whole 10 degrees and Not lose balls left. That has got to be key to high SF (low dyn loft, low spin loft) but still a functional face to path. How do you do it?

esaino says:

Excellent. Very informative. Thank you.

Chris Champion says:

Very informative video guys! Really glad you put this one out. I’m that steep guy that hits a 34* 7 iron 170 yds on a pure strike and spins it in the mid to high 6000s with an 88-90 mph swing. It’s great on a calm day but I struggle in the wind. This winter (I’m in Michigan) my focus is to work on shallowing my angle of attack and try to get a little more shaft lean at impact for a more boring trajectory and a little more distance.

Scott Mullins says:

Great vid, very informative thanks. Keep the vids coming

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