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Driver Tip – Extend Arms for Wider Arc and More Distance

So many people want more distance with driver yet so many people are in no position to hit their longest shots.

This tips explains the importance of fully extending your arms at setup. In doing so you create a wider arc which equates to more distance.

Watch this driver tip and check your own setup. If you find you are not fully extending your arms make sure you start doing this immediately. Once you first do it you may see bad shots but you need to stick with it. If so, you will start seeing the results in no time.

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Tip Link: https://youtu.be/oZ7zSK_Q8WM

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Mike Taft says:

When you extend your arms out do elbows point towards hips

Leon Rice says:

Hi Paul- Not trying to be funny. This is my first year with your Body Swing, and I am enjoying it so much.
I came over from years of following the Moe Norman swing. Insofar as stretching my arms out, in your teaching am I reaching out like I previously did or am I reaching out downward vice outward. Hope you understand my question. Any chance of putting out a short game series. I have purchased Body Swing and How to hit the Driver series and they are FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks to you and your team so much.

Carlos Vítor Figueiredo says:

Does that apllies to Irons aswell?

Brian Pex says:

Seems like you have a weak grip when your arms are “open” like that and I’d say most novice golfers should NOT have a weak grip – no??

Keith Kuhlman says:

Paul I like how you connect with your audience. You would make a good preacher. Subscribing

Paul Barrett says:

Why did Hogan have his arms not streached out

mralex070 says:

I actually did this out of experimentation earlier today… Makes for an easier repeatable swing. Way more consistent.

Eve Nichols says:

Great tip Paul! I have been doing what you say and my what a difference in yardage! Thanks.

BG says:

I love your website name! That is exactly the search every startup golfer does, ingenious!

Richard Brown says:

Woah there Paul! I have followed you for a while and have watched most if not all your videos. They are fantastic and if I can get into the easy tempo early enough (not easy) then I will have a good game….better than previously!! However, I have NEVER heard you talk about the veins in your arms before!! I seemed to have my elbows either side of my arms at address….with what you are saying they are more underneath….although I know not to overdo it!! Does this sound correct – incidentally why mention this now in this video just so I understand??

Eric Grafton says:

Thank you VERY much! I'm the most consistent heel striker of long clubs known to man. So much so, I cut my 3 wood head in half and welded the sweet spot to the heel. This video has cured about a years worth of pain. The bend in my arm isn't as significant on shorter clubs, but shows up on driver and 3 wood…NOT anymore 🙂

Shane says:

Didn't realize I was doing this until now. Thank you for the great video.

Gary George says:

I have really enjoyed your YouTube videos and the body swing concept. I actually did experience that ONE shot about 15 years ago playing in Texas. Have been trying to find that swing ever since. Been close but not quite there yet. Hopefully these videos will help me find it!

quakecon2009 says:

I like this guy 🙂 Good tip about full extension, I always revert to bent arms, so much so even when trying to improve I forget as its so fundamental to my flaws.

Dad Maxx says:

This really does make a 30-40 yard difference when you hit driver. I go from 245 to 280 with minimal effort when I make sure my arms are extended.

Frozen says:

Thanks Paul. It seems to me this argues for a one plane swing, avoids any angle between the shaft and arms. without this, won't the club extend outwards during the swing, resulting in the same negative effect?

American Lefty says:

This tip will definitely help me reach 110 mph to 115 mph again in no time. Because I noticed even with my smooth relaxed full acceleration swing, I’m still swinging at 97 mph to 105 mph because my elbows are still slightly bent. I’ll definitely try this tomorrow.

Gary Lessenger says:

Great tip, would like to see shot of your arms from rear, do the hang down or are they stretched out? Watching pros many hang arms straight down

David O Connor says:

Great sensible tip

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