Extended 2018 PGA Championship final round highlights

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Savisoundman1 says:

Brooks who?

Elroi Carpenter says:

Thanks for the highlights! You showed a lot of great shots. Congratulations to Brooks Koepka for the win.

mickigoe says:

Brooks Koepka has now become a living legend.

DASH1ful says:

if you hit a putt that you think might stop just short you got to start walking after it straight away.

Engineer says:

3:20 left him hanging

kxelsey morrow says:

bruh this lion tree guy is hella good. he needs to sign with the golden state warriors


So happy to see Tiger back! Natural talent always wins. ?

Isaac Thompson says:

Everybody was slurping Tiger all day , so glad he didn't win.

Marilyn Milbrodt says:

Was awful I thought Adam Scott was in the final also-stopped watching Tiger -Tiger? Play by play is terrible?

Dana James says:

I think this is about as good as Woods is going to play at his age. If he stays healthy, he'll compete in most tournaments strictly on his natural talents and probably place several top 10 finishes. But there's just too many good, young players on the tour and they'll always be at least a couple of strokes, if not more, better. I don't know if a man of Wood's massive ego will be able to accept that but it's unfortunately, the reality of the situation.

m me says:

Tiger wood is always a winner all eyes on tiger wood.

Brett Zelinski says:

I thought johnny miller had the best final round score in a major a63 at oakmont

Jaxon Lou says:

tiger did dang good

Astyanax1000 says:

This is such a good highlights package! Loving Reed missing the cut!

Zeta Male says:

Ya know, I understand tiger is a great player and at the same time while I watched the PGA championship final round on television they didn't give the leader too much air time. Somewhat disappointing in my opinion.

Nike Air says:

Tiger Tiger ?

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