F2 Freestylers Ryder Cup Trick-Shot Special!!

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The F2 Freestylers team up with the golf trick-shot guys to take on a special Ryder Cup trick-shot crossbar chjallenge.
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Check out some of the talent that will be on Ballers:
Séan Garnier: https://www.youtube.com/seangarnier
F2 Freestylers: https://www.youtube.com/F2Freestylers
John Farnworth: https://www.youtube.com/JohnFarnworthTV
Soccer Showdown: https://www.youtube.com/Soccershowdown2007
Jayzinho (J10Futbol): https://www.youtube.com/J10FUTBOL
Daniel Cutting: https://www.youtube.com/DanielCutting

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Flow says:

oh maahhhh DAYZ

Google for Sports says:

The #RyderCup has come to a close, so why not relive the mood with this
amazing golfing trick shot from +Ballers.

Marian Mann says:

What So Not – Touched (Slumberjack Edit)

^ for those who ask about the song :)

N1Project says:

What’s that SICK beat? 

THE BOSS says:

whats this for a song?

djlewald says:

It’s over!!!!! You guys officially win the internet. That was the sickest
combined bit of skill ever. A million times better than that half field
rabonna any day. Also helps prove that was real. Even though that was also
filthy this just on a whole other level. And keep up the amazing videos
like this one!

Shah Vengeance says:

Song is called What So Not – Touched (Slumberjack Edit)

KimFootball - FreeKicks, Skills, Reviews & More says:

Insane love it!!

Rens Nelissen says:

what is the song in the start called?

slurppyyyyy says:

Did he just call out AMERICA……did i here that right or am i just

ctfk_fs 66 says:

hi could you watch some of my clips ive landed combos like atw + atw +
htatw ,,, atw + taatw ,,,, latw ,,,, 14 atw ,,, thanks for reading and i
would appreciate any comments ,, thanks 🙂 🙂 : )

Artyom Karpov says:


shqiptar4eva7 says:

Hey guys I’m also a football youtuber u can subscribe if u want but I’m
just asking if u could watch my videos and leave a rating if u do ty

Moutaz Abdulrazag says:

Great challenge. But what is the name of the song, please guys?

kostadinos pehlivanis says:

Does anyone know what camera they used ?

Ghurai Wadeen says:

not bad at all

sean matthews says:

What song is that

Jack Thomson says:

Just saw these golfers at Gleneagles!

Footkickerz says:

Insane skills tricks! realy love it! 

Ben Cahill says:

Amazing tekkers guys. Football fix???

Skill Brothers says:

what is the songs name

Jack Floster says:

Oooo the song’s sick. Wha’s it called?

slurppyyyyy says:

Did he just call out AMERICA……did i here that right or am i just

Ian X says:

buddy song song song?? thx

Murali Daniel says:

What’s the name of the song?

Callum Wawman says:


nikkay75 says:

Ah this is so boss!

Asap Doggy says:


NorwegianKicks says:

Amazing :D

Lucas Wojcik says:

yous are fuckin classss

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