Fairway wood loft, which is RIGHT for you?

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Many golfers play the wrong fairway wood loft but which is right for you? In this video Ali will show you why many golfers struggle with 3 wood and why something with more loft might actually be you perfect fairway wood.

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Lindsay Newell says:

Excellent video. This is why I mostly use my 20 degree hybrid for long 2nd shots and 3 wood only on short par 4s off the tee.

Sven Hallauer says:

Is there a table that relates swing speed to loft recommendation?

FDB_Gamb13 says:

Great video. Any thoughts on the 16.5 Degree HL Sim 2 Max? The head size is the same as the 15 Degree 3 Wood just with the added loft.

Would love to know how much easier it would be to hit off the deck?!

Nicolas Stephens says:

Hi Ali enjoyed the video and found it very useful. I need to replace my 22° hybrid should I opt for a 7 wood or is it just a question of going for a fitting? Thanks ?

Jason Velez says:

I swing my 3 wood SIM 2 Ti at 115mph on average and generate 166-170mph ball speed. In a pinch on a narrow fairway, it replaces my driver.

A Merz says:

Another great video Ali. If you carry a 10.5 driver would you suggest making the 5wood stronger at 17° ? Appreciate your input. Thanks

Joel Copeland says:

Great video… very useful info…

Mike S says:

I dial a cobra f9 5 wood down to 17.5 and a 7 wood. My gaps are pretty damned good

mikeydiablo says:

I use 4 wood I carry it farther and it’s easier to hit for me than 3 wood. I also find some new fairway heads are just too big and look difficult to hit from the fairway.

Neil Taylor says:

Play 4 wood @16.5° and 7 wood @21.75°

Michael C. Conti says:

AT, Love that your arguments are well supported by the Trackman data.

adrianbarrie13 says:

Thanks for putting this video together, it's provided me with food for thought as My swing speed with my driver is 88 mph and I'm guilty of not using my 3 wood off the deck, preferring either my 19 or 22 degree hybrids so I might just put my 5 wood back in my bag and try that instead of my 3 wood for a change

Jeff Proehl says:

I switched to 3 and 7 wood this year. Epic max. Regular flex. 3 wood goes 210-230. 7 wood 185-200. Those are approx. the big news if they are so easy off the ground. Also getting fit helped as well. Great video. My swing speed is not as fast as yours. But with the right club I can get the most out of it. Now if I could just make a damn putt. Lol

J says:

I use a 4 wood. Find it to be a nice balance of distance and forgiveness

TheOgieone says:

Great video, I swing 3 wood about 102mph and still find the 5 wood to be the go to club.

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