Faldo fits Vosh / The 2nd Cut

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That was SAVAGE says:

Faldos talk is cryptic an mumbled ???

Mike Farrell says:

My all time hero ,sir Nick. Big big fan


this is awesome, thanks guys

Ben Lowery says:

Hah, my numbers are spot on Chris's. I noticed it seems like none of the pros on the graph have high release numbers. Is that a swing fault of sorts?

aemluck says:

perfect, love it, KBS TOUR S 🙂 88; 5; 3; 5; 6

Paul Bown says:

Always a pleasure to see Sir Nick and his insight into shafts
Old school but knew everything through feel

Zu Qu says:

Fantastic action Chris!

Janet Taselaar says:

Amazing! Where can we book a Faldo fit?

cwugrad396 says:

Master Class is in Session

e james says:

you got nick faldo fittin' you for a shaft ?………ats awright, innit ?

Richard Smith says:

Chris seems like such a nice guy. Fabulous swing. And I could listen to him talk about steel all day long.

Operator says:

this is just so awesome.

kimchicracka says:

Faldo is the man

M A.R McIlroy says:

Why the reupload?

BEASTMODE123850 says:

Vosh has a great swing jeez.

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