FINALLY Fix Your Swing Path With THIS Drill from Michael Breed

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Understanding what's causing you to come over the top will help you fix it. Work on this drill! Training your trail arm to come down underneath your lead arm will help you attack the ball properly and have you hitting nice high draws in no time! #LetsDoThis #ProvingIt #Titleist

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Michael Stanley says:

Great Tips Michael

Adventures of J & K says:

Best tip ever from someone who sings over the top

John Maddox says:

“and take all my money from my brother” was absolutely hillarious. dudes a legend

Graham Amey says:

After 13 years away from golf and multiple shoulder surgeries I struggle with external rotation of my right shoulder, I'm right handed, but I bought some second hand clubs a couple of months ago to try and get back into golf. As a consequence of my lack of rotation I end with a chicken wing at the top of my back swing and I've been coming over the top, all the time with every club, despite having lessons with a local PGA professional. I'd also watched endless videos on here about how to stop coming over the top, all to no avail. Then I found your video, it's been like a light bulb moment, the explanation of keeping my right forearm below the left on my downswing was something I could relate to. I went to the driving range last night and suddenly I'm striking the ball much closer to how I used to all those years ago, thank you.👍

Susan says:

Light bulb moment. I have terrible tennis elbow right now and struggle with swinging out to in. Wow. Good info and drill!

Glenn Watson says:

That's a very good drill.

Richard Baker says:

Bravo Michael, I was coming over the top so much but this simple drill has helped me no end.

Bits&Pieces says:

Such a simple thing just trying to get right arm under has made a huge difference after having lessons in person and watching YouTube this by far is most simpslist and so easy! All my practice swings now also perfectly brush the grass consistently

Jim Palmer says:

Right forearm under left forearm, got it

Ryang1074 says:

I can’t believe how simple yet effective this drill is. I find myself doing this on the tee box waiting for my turn and it’s such a simple feel to replicate on a real shot

schutzrr says:

Michael, I believe I am getting my swing path going out to the right, but I'm not consistently generating much left sidespin. Any suggestions?

Eric Schroeder says:

This is why Michael is one of the top teaching pros in the United States. Great content, Mr. Breed. Bravo!!!

David Delzell says:

Michael, I want to give you a sincere "thank you" for this video. I have been struggling with a over the top move for quite a while. As someone who is accustomed to playing to a single digit handicap, it was very frustrating to struggle trying to fix this move. This video made everything click. I realized that my swing was too upright and that my trail elbow was flying out in the downswing. Once I adjusted the swing plane and got the elbow back inside it was like magic. I played in my league last night and hit all of my fairways with my driver and only missed one green with my irons! If my putting hadn't been atrocious I might have been able to play to even par. I'm going to continue using your drills to get these new moves drilled into my muscle memory. Now I need to study up on your putting videos and try and get everything in sync. Thank you!

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