First Golf Lesson with Dan Whittaker, swinging steep golf fix

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My first golf lesson with Dan whittaker hope you enjoy folks.

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Premfence says:

you know what i like about you Stu.. you find something you want to do and you go get it and make it happen. good on you mate! since i stumbled on your channel youve perked me up and made me have a bit of zest about where i want to be again. thanks mate. ✌?

Zen Oracle says:

Remember this swing thought…"You need to achieve minimal centripetal force with minimal pivotal resistance" J C Anderson

Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist) says:

Wow! What an amazing difference! (Very similar to Rick Shiels' first lesson change)!

Peter Rodriguez says:

Great video Stu

WhAnNa_Be says:

Great video Stu. Love Dans stuff on YouTube, thinking of working with Dan during the winter. Hope you keep going and share these experiences with us. Good luck mate.

Carl ermno says:

Awesome swing mate

monday night millions says:

we are thinking of travelling down from Glasgow. How long was your lesson? I have watched a few posts with Dan but not sure if this is all achieved in one hour or a day. thanks

Bandit Baker says:

Thanks for sharing your video Stu, it will be interesting to see your progress under Dan`s Coaching. Those last few swings looked awesome, well done!

Carl Broadbent says:

Same coach as Rick shiels. ?

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