First Golf Video I Ever Made – EAL CLASSICS

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Mike Mega embodied golf. I wish he was still with us. 

In this series, EAL CLASSICS, I am going to introduce to you old films some were edited years ago (as in this case with Mike Mega) or old footage that has recently been edited. In most of these films I am not in them, as I was a director and not a host at the time.

This edit of Mike Mega, a friend that I knew from LA and coincidentally ran into on the golf course, has no music and is truly an early look at the way I made films.

I shot this in the summer of 2011 using an old Canon EOS Rebel with a zoom recorder and wireless mic slung around my neck. It's been a long time since I've seen this and it was hard to watch, knowing that the video ends as it does, with Mike's passing.

If anyone watching this thinks they may have a problem with alcohol or drugs or may know someone who is having a problem, please seek help. In my experience, and in Mega's case, the disease of alcoholism is truly life or death. Call this number 1-800-662-4357 (HELP).

I am so grateful that the random forces of the world brought us together and in some part, I think of Mega here as being responsible for the first movement toward the phase of my life where I became a golf filmmaker. I was curious to learn more about Mega and the camera allowed me a ticket to ask questions. And in that way, this is the first episode of Adventures In Golf and it's the Adventure that is not just my life, but life in general which is always stranger than fiction.

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Thanks for reading / watching and looking forward to hearing what you think. In no way have I ever shared something as raw and personal as this. And the irony is that I am not even in it.

– Erik


Erik Anders Lang says:

Hey everyone! Had to postpone the Goat Hill video due to a miscommunication about some top secret products that made their way in there. it will be back online in a few months. For now, enjoy this blast from the past…

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Marco Alcovendaz says:

Thanks for sharing Erik!

kyle leeds says:

Erik I always tell everyone, nobody makes movies and tells the story like you, and the fact that it involves golf makes it even better. Guys like Mike are the best, rare to see Strong male empaths these days. Love the videos!

Paul Panamarenko Jr. says:

I knew a number of Mikes growing up. I hope they find what he found, and stick with it. Awesome video dude. Tons of respect.

John Monteagudo says:

I loved this. I would love to play golf with Erik and asked how you went from hating golf to loving it. And I want to see "Be the Ball."

Golf Heads says:

Erik you are a talented dude, please don't stop making films or entertaining!

Brian Kromrei says:

Great story Erik… seemed like Mike was a chill guy that loved the game..

Juan Colmenares says:

So tragic… it’s so easy to get addicted to anything, drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, sugar, social media, golf… unfortunately some addictions cause more harm than others…

7234 says:

I can’t play golf without drinking and smoking weed

Brian Lopez says:

Great video! It takes a great character with deep story like Mike's. He was right, make the game simple and it's fun. The game of golf taught me a lot of life lessons at a young age. Mega Rest in peace

Cy Calderon says:

RIP Mike ⛳️. . . .?️‍♂️

Incredible World says:

Good quality video! Keep on doing nice content and you will grow quick! Subscribe to our channel and so we can subscribe back!

Jack Stickfort says:

whoa. tears post watching this. excellent video.

Kyle Everhart says:

Great video Brother

Christof Harris says:

That’s heartbreaking. Please keep us updated with your search for his son, and if he doesn’t already play- get that kid a golf lesson! Keep up the great work. Peace

Jay Byrne says:

Tragic story. But something Mike said really resonates with me. "yeah golf can be addictive, if you've got an addictive personality".
I've never used drugs, but I did used to go out drinking, not alcoholic but every weekend I'd be out til 5 or 6am partying and then in bed til 4 or 5pm the next day.
This was my life for about 15 years.
Then I discovered golf, now on a Saturday the most I'll do is go for dinner with my girlfriend as I want to play well in the morning.
Golf has literally changed my life, for the better! Mike got it!

brian king says:

Great video Mr Lang. Thanks. A nice natural introduction, (your trademark) then a nice video of Mike, followed by the sad and tragic conclusion. I hope you get in contact with his son, but I hope you don't film it.

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