First Hits – Adams XTD Driver – Today’s Golfer

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Michael Johns says:

Did he say a pretty stink sound ?? Jeez dude sounds like the old men at my local muni .

Gift Horse says:

you all smelled that as well

iryandavey says:

says the driver made a distinct noise to cover up his fart lol

resutoran says:

farting on the downswing gives me an extra 15 yards.

Craig says:

Distinct sound, at 1:19 there was a sound reminiscent of an angry wasp

Hacker2024 says:

I'm not sure about the first one but the second was undoubtedly a guff.


distinct sound alright. sounded a bit wet if you ask me…

Bill Johnson says:

Did he fart?

anthony adams says:

Has anyone ever mentioned to you that your driver swing looks more like an iron swing? Hands low which will cause a sharp down swing.  I'm sure you are a great golfer but I thought I'd just mention that observation.

Daniel Montgomery says:

Came to see the review and was too distracted by the odd sounds that he seems to be making as he swings and completes his swing. I hope those were coming from his mouth…

Mahavishnu80 says:

you were aiming out the toe

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