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We get a first look at the brand new 2018 JPX 919 irons that are potentially coming out at the end of September, Give me your thoughts on this iron!

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TZOID08 says:

Did you say Samurai – esk ???

Station 2Station says:

This is all regurgitated public information. Those asian market videos have been out a while. The JPX 900 replacement USGA conforming shots are out in the wild as well.

Fred Garvin says:

Played Mizuno for 12 years until I discovered Miura.

Daisy Deluka says:

Those look like the Miura 1008 and 2008. Used to play Mizuno until I discovered Miura.

matty burrows says:

forget the jpx how about them 319sc and the 118 blades on the advert?..i was about to buy mp18 irons…er,,, im now going to wait,,there is also a 918 which has copper and a pro ti 18 which has a titanium face ..all on the jap website…which ones are the uk getting???

Dan Moore says:

Really interested in the 919 Tour Set. I have the 900 Tours and I have loved them, they transformed my iron game. I have been waiting for these to come out. Keep us posted on release dates and preorders! Thanks.

ahoyahoy booth says:

good stuff pal.

Joe Perez says:

Listening to the opening music, I thought YouTube made an error and was showing me a preview for season 3 of Attack on Titan. ?

Just when I looked in the mirror and told myself that pushing 60, it’s time to give up the “player’s” irons and opt for “game improvement,” these come along. ? Torture me some more, why don’tcha???

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