Fix My Golf Swing and Slice Webinar

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Discussion with teaching pro Troy Wilson on the proper path which will eliminate your dreaded slice.


Gorden Scottfan says:

Boy perfect example of everyone has an opinion…..I love the remarks on how and what the club was designed to do….you can find lots of instructors on YouTube telling you "the golf club was designed to be used like THIS" Just as there are hundreds of ways to swing I guess there are hundreds ways the golf club was designed to work??? Just pure proof a guy like Moe Norman who really had no idea what he was doing and could not tell you, but somehow he hit it as good as just about anybody even all the ones that Know what they are doing…..crazy game…..Just one fact it is all hand eye coordination, pros have it in spades amateurs spend everyday trying to find it.

Rich Grisham says:

My mind is a little blown by this open face at impact discussion. From personal experience, the inside out swing with an open club face produces an unplayable push to the right. And if that's the way the club is designed to be played, why are all the videos from professional instructors talking about squaring up the club face at impact? That is misleading at best if not down right confusing for an above average mediocre hacker like myself. I think I'm going to stay away from that rabbit hole.

Jim Hart says:

Bobby….great webinar, do you have any thoughts on hand path? There is a lot of evidence for the hand path to track left after impact to keep the club head more stable instead of rolling aggressively. Love to get your thoughts.

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