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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps Derek Comer fix his golf slice and help him enjoy his golf game much more. This will help Derek play better golf and will help him play better golf. Will this simple advice help you fix your golf game?

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Josh Lynch says:

Ready for this magic move, hahahaha

Michael Hansen says:

thats exactly my problem.thanks

brettdart says:

I keep slicing the ball the exact same as the video ! I think my problem
may be that When I take my swing I seem to be pulling the club back or
opening the club face ? Please help – can send a video if need be cheers 

Alan Mills says:

Good job Rick!

Derek Comer says:

This was me today with Rick, what a difference an hours lesson can make to
your game, I really didn’t think I would learn much today, but I can
honestly say it’s the best money I have ever spent on Golf Stuff, we pay
hundreds for a driver, but won’t pay a few quid for someone to show you how
to use it. I’m no Tiger Woods, but I feel much more confidant now I know
where I have been going wrong 10/10 for the lesson Rick Thank You

FellowPazzini23 says:

Cracking swing and fix, well done chaps.

Rob Davies says:

Like the way you fixed face to match up with path..before fixing path Rick.
Quality lesson (I often give the same instruction to Big slicers!) With
most hookers I tend to shift path first – Great vid as usual, keep up the
good work.

Dermot Dunne says:

My preferred shot is a fade with the driver

john anderson says:

Just got the Cobra Bio cell in red! Looks like the Nike Covert Tour..very
surprised how much further i hit it compared to all the other drivers. Im
interested in your opinion on it! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

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