Fixing the swing weight of my Driver

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yaeger says:

Bought a stealth regular head and Mitsubishi Kai'li 60s separately. SW came out to D9! Had to put a lot of lead tape to balance it out. Even though Kai'li comes with Stealth plus, was very surprised by the SW.

John Moors says:

D9, FFS you cant' Swing that can you Buzza, surely?? Get it back to a D1 for your slightly mature years! 😆

BeachBow says:

That's interesting. When I went for my Stealth fitting I didn't like any of the shafts they tried to put me in. I finally took my UST out of my old M5 driver and suddenly everything clicked! Luckily I was able to order my club with the UST shaft at no extra charge. All good here!

Ian Shepherd says:

I have an Accra TZ6 CB 55 that I love in my Ping 410, I wanted to throw it in a callaway driver but those are so light I don’t even want to know how much weight I would have to add to the head. And I don’t want a new shaft as I just bought it so maybe we just stick with the G410.

Donnacha Lyons says:

What is the weight of each strip of lead tape?

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