Flat Golf Swing Golf Lesson

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Flat Golf Swing Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks swing plane, flat backswings or upright golf swings, club path and slice shots. See how you could improve your golf swing with some simple golf swing ideas built around 3d facts. This is another golf swing video lesson for a golfer sending their golf swing through Mark's golf app for iPhone, iPad and android devices. Play your best golf today.

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S. SH says:

I haven’t seen one video on YouTube that explains how to get the backswing
on a more upright path. I don’t want to compromise and swing like Matt

giovanicanzona says:

Pro tip, a swing this flat is often because of a stiff left arm and a
docile right arm,
right shoulder is not contributing to any where near a 90′ full turn
Solution at address use equal tension in both arms (a right bias in this
case) on takeaway feel the right arm extending as far as possible, both
shoulders are then free to turn, you will get instant results with this and
a lot of club head speed .

Harry Ulrich says:

Hi mark! Wanted to say thank you for the info and your turning myself into
a golfer. I never understood golf, the swing, how much it actually takes to
golf. I’m “hooked” and will be going to my local pro shop to purchase my
first set soon. I’m realistic and Yes ill purchase both your apps and will
continue to watch, learn all I can from yourself love the course vids to
with you and “lucky”

David Q says:

Mark, great video. I watched this guys swing several times and noticed
something that you didn’t talk about. Using the top of the trees in the
distance, I noticed this guys head and shoulders drop a considerable amount
as he starts down. I just wanted your opinion as to the effect this has on
the strike. Obviously it’s not good, but if you could give a little more
detail, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Juraj Senický says:

Hi Mark, thanks for your great work. I have a iron/driver question. You say
that the apex= 0 point is in front of your chest. That’s great for iron
shot, but if you applied the same swing on driver shot, where ball is
forward in your stance, when the driver hits the ball it must be traveling
on”closed” path, doesn’t it? So when driving, do you intentionally hit more
in to out to compensate this? I am asking because I feel like I am swinging
much more out to in with driver then with irons. Thanks a lot.

Steve Dahlen says:

Mark, love the info here. One question though. If he were a student is this
where you would start? Or would you address the “flat” takeaway first?

In the video I got the impression you were okay with the takeaway, and
would counteract by working the hips and shifting the weight differently. 

Luke Pearson says:

Hello I’ve been golfing for a few years now and am starting to get decent.
The main problem I have at the moment is consistency. Would you have any
suggestions as how to be more consistent with my swing?
Thank you!

Ton van Balveren says:

Mister Parfield is popular. Saw your interview with Callaway Talk. Very
nice, keep up the great work.

Rick Bonoan says:

Weren’t you just in Carlsbad, CA?

SatsumaBomb says:

Another good video well explained thanks Mark

Kanifuker says:

He swings the club like the guy in Gorilla James’s recent video out in
Belgium in that long drive competition.

Carlos Riaño says:

Hi Mark, why am i hooking with the long irons when i hit it straigh with
the shorter? You are the best, cheers

Scott Key says:

wait… is this the Q&A channel?

rackum44 says:

Matt Kuthar uses his upper body to get through the ball

MrDanielvass says:

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing

Big Gazza says:

Mark, great vid, this is the exact problem I have, I’m trying to move my
weight forward as you discussed but feel as though my left leg is longer
than my right and wont allow me to move, almost as one is working against
the other. Any ideas

Rhobot says:

Is this why Matt Kuchar swings so flat? So that he can hit that high cut?

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