FlightScope Mevo

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In this weeks episode I review the new FlightScope Mevo doppler radar launch monitor.

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Jerome Spanski says:

Auspicious Ad

Ronald Schrevel says:

What's the music please?

Brian Greene says:

What if you didn't put the dots on the range balls . Would it get all the data other than spin rate?

Steven Mondazzi says:

Does it have any flight path tracking that you can view on the app?

Eric Takahashi says:

when you set the club selection on the mevo does it have a loft setting for each club. is there just a generic loft or can you set the exact loft that your club has? nowadays clubs have a lot of variable lofts, usually stronger than in the past. Especially for the driver, if the mevo just has one preset loft then that could explain a lot of differences to the expensive monitor.

MCash7709 says:

For clarification, earlier in the video you said that indoors you have to dot the balls because you were, in fact, indoors. Later in the cons you said that you don’t see it as practical because at the range you have to dot the balls as well. Do you have to dot the balls outside too? Or were you referencing dotting the balls say for indoor range use?

Tech Savvy says:

Do you think the beefed up carry distance is an algorithm error or do you think it’s because most people will be using this on the range with range balls and it’s calculated to compromise?

Mike Lowe says:

Would really like to see a comparison to real carry and total distance compared to the readings vs comparing to different units.

Lara Montez says:

only clowns that have more money than since would spend $500 on a shitty – driver- hit roger dunn and pick up last weeks TM tp for $100 simple!

Adam Doyle says:

Awesome vid, subbed!

Geoffrey O'Brien says:

Really nice work. Keep it up.

Ricky says:

Ernest Sports have been making these for a couple of years at sub £400.

atis chalardthum says:

Please review Skytrak

Nick Brandner says:

I wonder if using a silver paint marker to dot the balls would work, sounds way better than stickers.

Bill R says:

When you were using it outdoors, were the stickers on? I'd be curious to see how different the spin numbers are with and without stickers. Great review. Thanks

Jeremy Allen says:

If you don't use the metallic stickers will all the other numbers still be accurate?

Geo B says:

You read the manual, lost your man card…but then you forgot to bring the dots and regained your man card. It's all good! BTW, great demo of this product. Now begins the task of talking my wife into believing I need the Mevo.

Tim Crowdy says:

Great review – really enjoyable :o)

Mike McNulty says:

Great episode and definitely some interesting points. It's nice to see a launch monitor that's affordable for a lot of people. I agree it's a shame you need to use those stickers considering a lot of people would want to use it down at a range to work on their swing.

sonnder says:

I'd really be interested in this, but if I'm gonna use this at home, without being able to see the full trajectory, I'd need side spin numbers, or at least yards offline. Hitting it far is cool, but I need to know if I'm accurate.

paul goodier says:

Surprising good vid thanks


nice work Mo – I feel like I already shaved 5 strokes for the season….all for $500

Lucas Carman says:

The iron distance disparity was just launch angle.

Drew WItherspoon says:

That was an excellent review! I have been intrigued by this product since I first heard about it and was wondering what a $500 launch monitor could offer. That was extremely informative and as you stated for $500, not a bad investment. My only question is if you didn’t dot the balls on the course, why do you feel you would have to at an outdoor range? Maybe I missed your explanation of this. Thanks!

Scott Benson says:

What other monitors would u suggest for around $2000

Richard Le says:

Wait….I have to place dot sheet on my ball to use the tracker….??

Thomas Myers says:

does it tell you your dispersion left and right?

Simon Bird says:

A laser line from the unit would make setup a bit easier I guess?

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