FlowMotion Golf: Swing the weight of the Club ! (English Subtitles)

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Bill Owens, a Welsh Golf Pro, created « TRIANGULAID: SWING AS YOU WALK ! » in 1991. Then Stéphane BACHOZ who has been working with Bill since 1995 decided to join their expertise with Nicholas MIDDLETON (ZEN PUTTING MECHANICS) and they co-founded FLOWMOTION GOLF.

FLOWMOTION GOLF is a complete learning process which enable any player to really enjoy the GAME, in a very short time.
You will understand from Full Swing to Putting, how to become
« COMPETENT and SUBCONSCIOUS » which is the KEY for a GOOD GOLF.



bernard Moisson says:

très bien et explication très compréhensible merci

Kevin L says:

Can’t get this out of my head now when I’m playing a pitch or chip shot – including the crazy ohmmm noise. Works though

dry509 says:

I am not seeing a cow tail? Looks like a conventional swing.

Michel ESC says:

Bonjour Steph. Si on garde les bras relachés et qu'on balance le poids du club, la tête du club va passer la première me semble-t-il. Pour passer le manche en premier il faut maintenir le club assez fermement pour empêcher la tête d'accélérer … non ? Quid en plein swing ? Merci !

Jean-Daniel Chamy says:

Excellente vidéo! Et une rencontre, totalement due au hasard, sur un parcours. A très vite

Jean-Baptiste Fouroux says:

Toujours au top Stéphane.

miker dee says:

Another great video Steph and keeping it simple 👍 love the way you were able to change the flight of the ball so simply. Bravo 👏

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