Follow Through and Finish in the Golf Swing

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AddictedToGolf says:

Hello I’ve uploaded my golf swing would you kindly review it and and give me some feedback ? Would be mostly appreciated as I’m really struggling at the moment. I still seem to hit the ball really well but not consistently , that was my 3 wood 14.5 degree

AddictedToGolf says:

Hello I watch all your videos could I send you my swing I really struggle to get to that point please please help me ? I don’t use FB , Twitter etc

justpar2012 says:

Would this follow through give more distance?

Thomas Strand says:

Good action going on in the pond too.

The Todd Network says:

Thank you I just had my first lesson and the problem I have is the follow through I seem to be pulling my left arm in a bit

Henry Jensen says:

I have been playing golf for over Twenty years, struggling to break 90. After just reading these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it), I instantly, had the best round of the last 3-4 years. I am not effective when utilizing my irons. I could handle driver correctly but could only reach a limited distance.

JayZoop says:

I personally stopped trying to twist/turn the club head over so much. I was Ole-ing the ball. I straightened my shot out by having a long/straight follow through, like you guys are doing. That way the club head is square to the target for a longer period of time.

Michele Scallan says:

Wow that really helped me. Thanks!

John Jones says:

great videos guys, i am struggling with my slice and i think this could help me to. will try this out on the range this week. keep up the videos guys, they all help 

SOS89140 says:

There are a lot of great tour pros who don't wrap the club around their necks AFTER the ball is struck. In fact, I think it is over done, especially for lower club speed players. I mean, the club should not stop right after impact, however, you you don't need to strangle yourself with it either. After all, the ball is long gone at that point anyway. Good video Andy!

Jackknifegyp says:

The longer I devote to this La Cosa Nostra (Our Thing) called Golf, and specifically the full—–nearly 360 degree swing —–the more I have come to appreciate the follow through, and now the Finish.

I respectfully disagree that the Finish is not as important as the follow through. Looking great after a golf shot is completed can take a whole lot of ugly off the errant flight of the ball. I think I would rather look like you do in the high finish, and be off target a bit, than be dead on straight, to the target, and have a lapse into finish. 

I might even ransom my Golden Retriever if someone could impart to me the ability to complete every time I swing, a great finish, while I am sleeping. 

Thx for the instruction.

Will G says:

I absolutely love your videos guys!  Seems like you guys hit every single specific topic that I am most interested in.  This short video here will help me tremendously.  Keep up the great work!

John Competello says:

great advice. will try to avoid concentrating on full  finish.

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