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Quest for the Open – Vlog 129 – In this Quest for the Open vlog I head over to Formby Hall to try out the Putting Solutions set up with Lee Sullivan before chatting through my change of direction and what I'll be doing moving into 2019


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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Preston Hammond says:

I mostly enjoy the quest for the open and the coaching aspects. But I do wish there was a tad more course vlogs but quest for the open is the best??

Robert Crawford says:

Thank you for the video. I started again to subscribe to your channel after this video. Your coaching videos with Dan were becoming really boring and also the challenge matches. Best by far is the quest for the Open. All golfers would love this opportunity. I hope you sign up with a manufacture and let us know about your fitting process etc. Hope you have a wonderful 2019. Ciao from Italy.

adonis159 says:

Its nice to hear you are not selling yourself out. Seems as though Rick has done that!

rob berne says:

Love the idea of you getting a manufacture sponsor and going through why you choose them and a in depth look at full bag fitting ??

Ste R says:

Course vlogs include rules and thought processes please.

Geoff Winn says:

More course vlogs and Quest for the open please Pete. FSX challenge is always good fun

Ryan Thomason says:

I would say that I learn and have fun watching your course vlogs, and good information on new models of clubs and measuring distances. I very much enjoyed your one length iron tenure.

James Myatt says:

I love the corse vlogs it’s nice to see even the greats mess up as bad as I do granted it’s a lot less often but nice to see none the less

Br0ckUs says:

I just like watching these type of videos where it's a kind of mix of a Dedicated golfers life on and off the course. It's good to see that pro golfers are just normal people like me too, gives me hope to become pro one day as well! Keep up the great content Pete, love your channel!

graham houldershaw says:

Hey Peter. Great video and yet again you're being very open and accepting that your channel needs to be constantly reviewed in terms of content. Personally, and all of your viewers will have their own thoughts, I watch your channel because of you. I like you! You come across very well and of all the golf YouTubers out there you have no chips on your shoulder and no ego. That comes across to me and it's important. I enjoy the mix of content you put out there. I don't watch all of your videos religously but will watch something where the title has caught my eye – maybe that's important to have catchy titles. I don't necessarily watch your channel to become a better golfer but more so because I'm interested in where you go and where you take the channel. If I'm honest I think its going in the right direction. In fact it's steaming ahead. My advice – make sure you invest in your own golf. Your 'Quest For The Open' is massively important to you at a personal level and I can see that. I'd love you to qualify for it. Also keep investing in kit – technology is driving forward faster than any of us realise. I don't mean golf equipment but your channel equipment. Cameras, drones etc. That all costs money I realise and I'm sure as your channel grows more and your book brings you more income you will be able to continue to invest. That will make you standout amongst the others. Having a video editor on board is a great idea for you. You're a golfer not a video editor and the more time you can spend on what you are good at the better. Above all Peter I want to see you succeed. As I said earlier I like you. You're very watchable and present well. It's natural and from your heart. Keep it up and good luck!

John Corbin says:

When I first started watching you and Rick there was more course vlogs. I really enjoyed them, with a little of the other stuff mixed in.

Joel Mabe says:

2nd hand challenge.. since you guys know good used clubs… do a give away drawing for the bag

Charles McKenna says:

Mr. Finch,
I came across your channel a few weeks ago as I started looking for answers to help my golf game. I’ve enjoyed all your videos I’ve watched. I am confused a little by this video though. You said you wanted to spend the next year making videos that made you happy and wanted to control the content a little more and not chase likes. That’s great and I feel you will have more soul into your channel if you enjoy doing it. And it’s intoxicating watching a video someone is enjoying making. But then at the end of it you ask us again what videos we liked.

From my standpoint I am happy with what you are doing and have enjoyed the putting content you have “putt” out lately and have implemented them into my game.

But realistically I’m sure whatever videos you do put out there will have worth while content. And I look forward to the next video.

Benjamin Wittey says:

Like the idea of more coaching videos

Genius Insider says:

2019 will be great for you! Ceep it coming 🙂

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