Full Live Golf Lesson | Clubface Control with GCQuad

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Tune in and watch one of my full live golf lessons with Justin. In this lesson we work on my club face control with data from GCQuad. Has my hard work this winter started to pay off?

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David Wood says:

Great video, I like the instruction and using the GC quad to help with swing data.

inathaniel11 says:

Is anyone noticing that Craig is delivering the club toe up 2-3 degrees? If I'm right that should influence a left miss. So what's the bigger issue the club face being slightly closed or lie angle at impact?

François Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

Great video and great lesson… Directly applicable to my current mis-hits on longer irons. And I had also worked out that standing taller and "almost thinning" was keeping the ball straight, even possibly cutting it back a tiny bit. Except I'm perfectly capable of hitting real thins in the process, I guess that's why I'm not scratch 😉

bigdeano162000 says:

What's your Handicap at the moment mate?

randy underwood says:

i'm glad he brought up the toe thing. that really helped my issues that are like yours. i also had to nudge a little closer to the ball as that straightened my posture some what. i also had to work on my right hand. i want the feel of the back of my right hand more pointing down after impact rather than the back of my left

toehold57 says:

Yeah, I appreciate the longer format. Hearing the same swing thought stated in different ways along with watching you trying to turn that into an actionable swing, really nice to watch. Helps me learn about how I, myself, learn. Good stuff Craig, thanks!

Brav_123 Oh says:

Did he fart at 1:00??

NY HoyaSaxa says:

Great job and Vlog Craig

SmithyHereGolf says:

Cool video Craig! Interesting to see what your working on this winter.

Max Imum says:

Cool stuff! Really like the full coaching sessions of better players!

Giles says:

Justin based in Wycombe?

B2B Bogey says:

That sum up – seems like Peter Finch preroutine.

B2B Bogey says:

What a great explanation of the golf swing especially the part on the downswing from parallell and hands go to the left.

Callum Imrie says:

Hi Craig can you DM me Justin's contact details I live in Missenden and looking and getting a few lessons soon and this set up looks awesome!

Matthew Smith says:

Really good watch Craig

mrb3220 says:

This was a really informative and surprisingly entertaining video. Seeing instructions to follow a specific feeling work out that well, was unexpextedly satisfying. Great one, should probably get some lessons too…

David Beckett says:

Great video Craig. A lot of what he said made sense. Next time at the range I shall some of these tips out

Loki the Cat says:

Seeing this really makes me want to sign up for lessons as well. What started on a lark, has become a definite interest of mine and I think it's time to unlearn my bad habits and pick up some good ones. Thank! and keep the content coming! (also more FSX challenges! lol)

allo cromeau says:

Nice man cave

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