Full Mizuno Iron Fitting Process

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Visit http://huntingscratch.com/mizuno-iron-fitting/ to access the entire video of Mizuno Iron Fitting with Simon Davey

In this video Jake undergoes a general iron fitting with Simon Davey from the Mizuno Swing DNA Fitting Center in Melbourne, with special emphasis on his club head speed, tempo and current stage of a playing ability.

Visit http://huntingscratch.com/mizuno-iron-fitting/ to access the entire video of Mizuno Iron Fitting with Simon Davey



Put that damn phone down and listen to all the information he is telling you… it to me was a bit disrespectful like someone texting while having a conversation… Bring someone to record for you. You looking at your phone and having it in the Pros face for 40 minutes was annoying. It looked like you were not really actively listening, you were just there to rob him of information and run to your buddy to adjust your clubs for you. Other than that I love my MP4's!!!!

notformebeaky says:

Is there any point in a 16 handicapper being fitted? Not being a dick, just interested.

Anthony Jackson says:

I was really interested in watching this video, but my God it was painful as hell to watch the hole thing, you kept cutting off the fitter and to boot all the yups and yes drove me crazy.

nosoupforyou says:

Bend your knees more, rotate your upper body more, and keep that right leg bent/engaged, don't let it straighten out during the backswing, transfer the weight from right to left more, slow the backswing down, get your hands higher in the backswing, take a look at Hideki Matsuyama.

Chris Pellatt says:

Really nice swing that you have developed there. Nice strong movement through impact and a long full follow through. If anything your a little loose at the top with a bit of over swinging. Try to have a feeling of pointing the shaft of the club up at the sky and slightly behind you (hard to explain but if you were looking from behind and down the hip line the shaft of the club would point at the 10:30 or 11 on a clock face) and as you start you down swing feel as if you are pulling the club down on a piece of rope. This will set your wrist nicely at the top and create a strong lag on the down swing.

Lil Flashlight says:

I'm a teenager and I've been playing Mizuno for as long as I can remember. Love this video!

Brian Stratton says:

One million "yeah, yep, hmmm"s!!!!

Al Renner says:

It made me cringe watching you hit balls while the other balls were sitting just ahead of you. I kept waiting for you to thin one and create a pinball effect all over the studio. Get one of those in the nads and you will make sure your ball path is clear….

Scott Stewart says:

You said yup alot, it got a bit annoying but really cool video. Club fittings are great and this is one of the most informative I've seen.

Adam Denison says:

I played either Ping or Callaway irons for the past 20 years until I recently went through a proper Mizuno fitting. The numbers that I got from the MP25s were unreal compared to anything I've ever used. I didn't really lose any distance considering it was the first forged club I've ever used and my spin numbers were much more consistent. I had a tendency to be on the low spin threshold in the past which is mostly based on my swing and not the club of course. I'm not sure if I was caught up in the excitement of buying new irons (or whatever else) but both days I used the fitted clubs in testing it yielded identical results. 4 out of 5 shots would be tightly dispersed, then the 1 other shot would be slightly pushed a little right or maybe caught slightly towards the heel preventing my natural shot shape. I had an Incredible fitting process with Mizuno and I'm blown away by the quality of their irons. My handicap has finally reached single digits.

Gavin Roy says:

Fantastic video. I'm getting custom fit for some new clubs soon and I can't think of a better option than mizuno

James Harvey says:

Loving your work Mr Davey!

Mediocre Golfer says:

Sorry your little look to camera cracked me up! ? Great vid really informative stuff, did you end up buying some Mizunos?

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