FULL NIGHT GOLF COURSE VLOG – Academy Course – Amendoeira

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Golf Professionals Rick Shiels and Peter Finch take on the Amendoeira Par 3 Academy Course….under the floodlights!
The Venue: Amendoeira Golf Resort, PORTUGAL
Golf Course: Academy Course
Website: http://www.amendoeiraresort.com


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Melissa Quinney says:

and 1 for the moon 🙂 hahahahah

HMG KRL says:

29:57 — Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again…..

james rothwell says:

Where is this at?

Julian Igoe says:

Are those holes regulation? They look skinny! Could explain why both of you couldn't hole putts

Louis Crowley says:

Such a funny video. Was almost crying at points ?

Victor Hernandez says:

You know what would be fun do the 14 Club Challenge on that little course.

Victor Hernandez says:

2 lobos jugando en la luna llena.

Crypt Keeper48 says:

You and Rick should play green some and then play the worst balls.

tokyotony1975 says:

?????. Lol!!!!!!

slappy0077 says:

you both suck

Ezra Murti says:

I always play this one par 3 course that is so hard if it was full size they could play a US open on it. It's called the Meridian

Aaron Tyrer says:

Good video but expected a bit better from professional golfers. Like the lob wedge shots where going right a good few times

Action Mayne says:

Is it fair to call this a pitch and putt course?

Action Mayne says:

How many acres of land would you need for a course like this?

R.K says:

Worst putters as well.

R.K says:

Lousy wedge players.

pat hat says:

par…… WTF

StrokeofLuck Golf says:

Why does rick always walk in his line?

Nathan Mills says:

Unlucky on the lip outs

Tommy Mician says:

Shot -8 last time I played (18 holes)

Brett Farrell says:

Just only came cross this video now this is my local golf course that I play at when i'm in Portugal

Andre Ryan says:

is it a par 3 course

trip Stroube says:

That lip out was nasty

Cameron Ralph says:

Ive played this and it was like 300 euros for the flood lights

Kaulu Mon says:

That moment he missed the 2 footer??‍♂️

mjr1228 says:

What is the putting method rick is using called

Nehemiah Snyder says:

I wanna face rick at this course

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