Funniest Moments of the Year | Best of 2018

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We look back through the year at the top 10 moments which made us laugh the most during the 2018 European Tour season.

A compilation of the best golf shots of 2018 on the European Tour. This includes the most unique moments of the world's top golfers including the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Jon Rahm and Tommy Fleetwood.


Welcome to the Official YouTube channel of the European Tour. Every week you can find extended tournament highlights and individual player highlights from the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood in events on the Race to Dubai. This is also the home of the 14 Club Challenge, Little Interviews, Fastest Hole and many more challenges, pranks and world record attempts featuring the biggest golfers in the world.


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Alfonso fernandez says:

OMG Paul Scholes.

okolekahuna says:

It's a good thing Harrington noticed the camera. LoL

Betchay&Fam Mix Vedios says:

Keep safe po

Tristan Mlsna says:

That’s crazy that it landed in the pocket

Kishan Singh says:

If I don't want to watch your face, then click where?

El J says:

Golf people are straight up weirdos ???

mustangsandwich says:

OK, those are funny…

Austin Gu says:

This is not funny at all??????????

cygnustsp says:

I need to find a hot woman who likes golf

Dave O says:

I definitely don't have the golf sense of humor ?

MrMagnusFogg says:

Nothing like ruining everything with stupid music…have you noticed that it doesn't add anything to the video, only noise ?…as to the concept of funny, well, to each one his own opinion…as long as it gets more views, every word is legitimate, right ?…here, have a 'dislike'.

Ezequiel Cantelli says:

Q legal kkkkkkk

Scott Smith says:

Harrington just wanted to take a tinkle but the cameraman was on his job that day

Rustic Mill RR says:

"Funny" ???

Daniel Desmond says:

Wow not many funny moments in golf. Only 1 and 2 really

Great White Buffalo says:

Subtitles would be great.

Grace.thegolfer 18 says:

My favorite one is the last one ???

Gigulus says:

what were they talking about in clip 9? I don't understand it…

Benjamin Wang says:

2:17 thumbnail

Meaux Murda says:

number 7 was hilarious when that guy was saying those words i couldn't hear at all

Tuan Tran says:

It took me 5min to understand No. 9 because we do it all the time :))

Michael Davis says:

Paul Scholes just doesn't quit. Oh wait…. Too soon?

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