Funny Golf Lesson

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If you ever needed a technical golf lesson, this is the one for you


Michael Sheridan says:

Just to simplify things.

Michael Sheridan says:

This says it all.

Supdude says:

Funny as shit

Muhammad Zulfitri says:

you grab it then throw it away to cover it hahaha.

CustomClubBuilder says:

Finally! The golf swing simplified in one very long paragraph! Best golf
video ever!

Moin Ahmed Khan says:

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google) I heard some pretty good things about the results other golfers
have had with it, my father got great results with it. Yeah cut 4 strokes
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Th3R3m1x3r says:

what the hell is he on about!!! x)

simontheawesome1 says:

@Esoto91 you’re gay

leoever says:


jeffdude007 says:

u know wat sucks, is that i understood most of wat he was saying, dammit!!!

gard686 says:

And little kids r supposed 2 understand that?? I’m likin the shot, good
cover up by throwing it tho. LOL!!

Dr Bostonian says:

cant believe some people here!! guys he is making a joke!! thats the
point!! he knew it was going to bounce up thats why he kept his eye on it
after swinging and the way he said write what im going to say down and talk
fast with long words that most people wont understand is the funny part
too! hahaha nice one!

lilcanuck666 says:

thats gonna help

mattkleiner says:

ill try and remember that…

robbanbobban says:

nice trick

Lukas Boehm says:


TAKECOVER222 says:

i always think like that when i swing

redsoxbred says:

Wow- He is such a nerd…

Faris Ali says:


h0twire15 says:

Wow. This dropped my handicap by 12 strokes!

LiruLoverNeko says:

that was cool xD

a children Just says:

he did this deliberately,he have use the wrong golf clubs

StompingGroundGraff says:

k… flatload the feet, snap the power package,alright whats next,power 2
qu leater breaks down ur fucked, what next, maximum sentrifical force,wit
litle pivital resisntens, generating force with a cirle and the …. ahh
fuck this im gunna go cook up some hot pockets

The Mental Coach says:

One of the best explanations of the golf swing I’ve ever seen – in a weird
and twisted sort of way. I liked it! 🙂

Seb Mikkelsen says:

did you know stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

DeepfriedStix says:

How in the… Damn, that’s a good trick I like that.

Pete Pizzurro says:

thanks for making it easy for me to understand

bairdieboi says:

its a joke you tools!

piratkirby says:

HAHAHAHA!!!! awesome!!!

thedealer1000 says:

it makes sense if your a rocket scientist

jae says:

lawl that was funny but if u didnt get that… break it down… a person in
jr high can get it

Jony195 says:


BenneC says:

hmmm what he said is all pretty much true besides 2 parts i couldn’t
understand what he was saying he repeated a lot of stuff and the #2 power
accumulator was probably crap

rockinhard78 says:

when i was watching this my one and only thought was what is he talking
about? it makes no sense

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