Funny golf tip from J.C. Anderson

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PGA TOUR player J.C. Anderson's classic satirical instructional on what to think about when swinging the golf club.
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Andy Jackson says:

J.C. understands Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine, the most indecipherable
golf book ever written… or at least he’s heard some of Kelley’s key buzz
phrases. I made it to about page 20 on three different tries before finally
giving up. Kelley probably figured out the golf swing but there’s no way to
tell since his book is so complicated.

Situational Communication® says:

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payryan says:

as long as the number 2 power accumulator doesn’t break down….. thats
been my problem all along!?!

TheIcecubers says:


Ken Mitchell says:

That was beautiful! I personally think that ‘experts’ analyze the swing to
death. The best instruction I ever heard is, ‘just hit the f—ing ball’.

Ryan Tsang says:

You have to try to flat load your feet, so you can snap load your power
package. That way you can amplify both lag and drag pressure through impact
fix. As long as your number two power accumulator doesn’t break down, you
can reach maximum centripetal force with minimum pivotal resistance. You
see, the pivot is utilization of multiple centers to produce a circular
motion for generation centripetal force on an adjusted plain plus the main
sum bounciness are relative two line delivery path.

Conor McCarthy says:

exactly !?

Timothy Lee says:

hahahaha so funny

Ryan Tsang says:

See, golf is geometrically oriented layer force; it involves a physics of
muscular thrust, and geometry of the circle. You can divide the golf swing
into 24 components each between 12-15 variations.

NLPrometheus says:

what? i didnt know that was even possible

sammoth1995 says:

oh ic….

MaisonGeorge says:

It never gets old!

hud morse says:

i want his hat, someone help me find it

string22 says:

where can I read the theory to understand it like you do?? Is it in Homer
Kellys book the golfing machine??

transplant07 says:

say what!

RyantheCanuckpirate says:

I like the part where I understood some of those words

jonathan47 says:

“snapload my power package”

Grant McCausland says:

No. Its the positive paralactic readjustment while relaxing at the pivotal
perpendicular centrifugal intercourse that produces the perfect shot.

nofightsnecessary says:

This video’s been on youtube for like 4 years… and it’s better without
the cheeky music in the background. /watch?v=NaOrTqo9F7A

kiddokang says:

the funniest thing is……i actually understand what he’s saying

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