Funny Professional Golfer Bloopers

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Dianne Facebook says:

Och, het overkomt ons allemaal

cyrusville says:

Just skip to 1:17

Junkman Junior says:

Pro golf bloopers look like me 1-18

xavier LE GALL says:

Funny ….. ????

Roderick Cunningham says:

They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at

pc m says:

Music was best part of video.

Willminshere says:

LPGA putting be like

RK channel k. says:

It's not funny because they made mistake

The Donald says:

fucking hilarious, I shit myself,,,,

Tim Bucktooth says:

I'm going back to jerking off to boil lancing vids.

Think Again says:

Who chose that music? Shoot them, please.

William Jones says:

Not bloopers at all

Ricardo Gayle says:

Does that work?

Mo Town says:

One of the few videos where the thumbs down is nearly half..and it makes me SMH wondering why only 1/2?

Kylin Naomi says:

i was watching some diy video, fell asleep, and ended up watching this…..

breastfirezzzzzz says:

「役人天国天下り」、懐かしい言葉である、昔のサラリーマンは気楽な稼業であった、リストラブラックなどない天下り禁止法も忘れていたのか? なんのその認識があったにもかかわらず、、、喉元過ぎれば熱さを忘れる。w

okolekahuna says:

I would say that these are more fails than bloopers.

Scott P says:

Well I enjoyed that video. I always enjoy golf bloopers but should I take heart from them making mistakes like us weekend warriors or give up because if the best in the world do it regularly what chance have I got.

kou kou says:


stafanoff says:

happy gilmore..

relentlessmadman says:

back again love music!

Damian Ojeda Alcaraz says:

how I'd an Asian lowering his glasses considered a blooper? wtf?!

Benj Nelson says:

where are the funny ones?

hejamodo says:

Hilarious video, almost cracked a smile. It's almost as if you don't know what a blooper is.

Gino Marino says:

don't waste time trying to be a youtube star when mcdonald's need help

Kent Johnson says:

Democrats we need them go there not enough pussies in the world as it is

Kent Johnson says:

Dip shit so don't even understand what I'm saying but that's to be expected

Kent Johnson says:

Y'all don't fuck with the pole lease y'all done fucked with the police

Kevin Roanna says:

What the hell do most of these clips have to do with "bloopers" ?  Most of them are just bad shots or clips of golfers faces with nothing at all to do with what is considered a blooper.  The only blooper here is the title of this video.

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