FZ modified to YAMAHA R15 2.0.wmv

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torque increased
high performance
super bike sound
milage 55-62km/L

Itz Modified at Star Bikes Garage ;Inchaykkal TVM
By Shiju Gopidas


candan mathai francis says:

Are you mad? Wastage of time and money :@ 

Mandar Patil says:

Boom.. What a waste of money.. Your english sucks.. So does the video..

Jason Kori says:

instead of wasting your money u could have sold ur fz & chip in some more
…buy a 2nd hand r15…….waste of money & time…..

ディナ誠司 says:

Boom! And in the end, still normal FZ still looks better, FZ looks good
just the way it is. You don’t have to modify it to R15, it doesn’t look
legit any more, fake R15 is how people will call it lol. And if you think
that modified version looks cool, i think you guys really have a bad taste.
No offence


How much it cost

Tej BuNtY says:

At 1:05 because of the background music it felt like some body just killed
your bike….
felt very sad ;-)

Resham Magar says:

it’s look better when ur exhaust will be under seat…………..

sravan kb says:

how much it cost….

Emerson Escudero Reyes says:

How much did you had budget on your transformed bike? Where can I buy such
a thing?

Bikash Shrestha says:

waste waste waste :v

afiq esa says:

are u feel guilty when original r15 stop beside u at traffic light ?

shaplusn says:

neat job. looks great

Anish Rai says:

what about the handle? and the gas tank?

Abhishek Pati says:

How did you change the back portion of fz??

Carlos Galarreta says:

As you cost modification

macky llacuna says:

waste of money..sorry to say but the FZ looks better..you should keep it
that way..tsk..tsk

setu mishra says:

Why all this hard work get a r15…

Azan Momin says:

Job Well Done.

zman mulla says:

Bro if you were goin to waste your time copying a bike which you indians
are good at btw copying! Why the F*#k would you copy an r15?!! Why not go
for r1 r6 nething else?

mahesh sundar says:

good work supper////////////////////

sagar bacha says:

Ye bike me sub modified kar ke kitne ki padti hai

nikhil das says:


Anil Kumar says:

I have fz I just want chang my back panel its possible like ne r15

Anant singh says:

Wow its realy looks like R15 i like it…
meh ye jaanna chahta hun ki fz ko r15 bananeme time kinna hota han aur
kharch kinna hota han?

Mak Bhadekar says:

Nice work dude 

Debjyoti Das says:

Haaaa GAY !!

shanky says:

Dude @mithun Mittu it isnt fake……
Coz 1st f all d tank s different….. n evn d speedoo…
N it has a middle stand n a very big rear tire (which s of d FZ-S)

Vasu Roshan says:

i wanna do it 🙂 can u tell me how much it costs?

Vaisakh Rajan says:

i agree its a hard work BUT no point of doing dis :P

riya ya says:

hey u done on a good job ya 

Mithun Mithu says:

this is all fake…..fuck…:P

nikhil das says:


Dinesh Raj says:

Hi i am planning to pick up an endurance exhaust system for my yamaha fz
16. Pls help me out with the details regarding where would i find it and
how much would it cost approx

Ashish Kurian says:


Brian Kenny says:

Awesome Work …Dude!!! How much will this cost???? Plz Help

danial mashhelmy says:

Bapa kos wt smua ni..pleass tolng jujur..nk contact bleh?

eminemzgod says:

i hv yamaha fazer, wts d total cost of dis type of modification?????????

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