Game Golf Live Course Demo & Review

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Mark Singer says:

Julio: Thank you very much. Your insight was very valuable to me.

Trevor Mueller says:

Will this work just practicing at the range

Brian Debert Golf - AUSTRALIA says:

Mate do u still use it?

mjes51 says:

Great video for this product. I have two questions. 1. Do you have to put the device on your person or belt? Or can you place it on your golf bag and tag it when you pull your club out?      2. Is there any way you can delete or remove a shot that would skew your averaging of individual club distance? Example: You really duff a seven iron 15 yards in front of you. It isn't really representative of your other 7 iron shots and you don't want it to misrepresent or drag down what you normally hit your 7 iron. Thanks and great job!

Shaun Taylor says:

Great review thinking of buying game golf hoping to show my weak areas .?

Matti Linna says:

Game Golf isnt too expensive.

Roger Heath says:

How dose the unit know how close to the hole you hit your approach shot?

Robert Rockwell says:

Good honest review. Thank you. Nice swing too. Are there any problems with the club sensors coming off of the clubs in the bag?

Ernesto Lupercio says:

I have a problem with mine, i'll upload a round and it just won't be in the app and it won't be in the device anymore help?

desolate282 says:

Is this device just a glorified measuring tape? Does it only tell you how far you hit the ball?

ThisLadWayne says:

Is it worth the upgrade from the original?

Eric says:

now does it track the distance when you hit or do you have to walk to where the ball is and it tracks the distance that way?

Dave Peterson says:

Great info. Thank you, soooo have you given your first device away yet? Thanks again!

Frank Christopher says:

I see Ironweed hasn't changed a bit!

Scottro Mc says:

I appreciate your video, Julio. This is good stuff. I just picked up my Game Golf Live and it's on charge now, so I especially appreciate the charging info you shared.
Anyway, wanted to give you a shout and say thanks.

Magnus Henricson says:

Great vid! ? I like the product! Do you have any deal on the live version as you mention in the vid? Besy regards/Magnus

Stephen Hoefer says:

How loud is the beep on the unit? Is it distracting to others?

Cole Brown says:

Do you have to have a computer to download your data on the first device?

ThePeebsb says:

Hi, great vid. Is the new game golf way better than the original. Is it worth the extra cash?

hey0mcfly says:

I see the old version is cheap at the moment. In your opinion is the live version worth the extra money. Thanks

chris boulton says:

is the upgrade worth it? i have a garmin g8 for my yardage wot will i be gaining by buying the live

nicegooey says:

hey love the video.. quick question. just picked this up and i tried it for the first time and got a syncing issue on the 8th hole where it says "play on. gamegolf is syncing" do you just keep going or hard reboot everything app/device" thanks!

asetxebe says:

hi from Bilbao (basque country, in Spain).

Nice review! I really enjoyed watching it.

Let me ask you one question about the device:

In the official website of game golf is said that the new version has the possibility of using our mobile phones as range finder offering distances to any point in the map.

have you tried this function? how does it works?

If we want to use that function the mobile phone need to be connected by gps or is enough with paring to the game golf?

thanks and sorry if I have made mistakes, as my golf level….my english needs to improve

lots of birdies for you

UrMarketOutlet says:

very informative.

Diego Diaz says:

Tidy little swing there pal..

Hayden Rutter says:

also what's your instagram

Hayden Rutter says:

Is there chance a reply please? Thanks

Hayden Rutter says:

My email is if you can help me out! Thanks a lot.

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