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Game Golf Review with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about the digital tracking system Game Golf and how it could change they way you play golf. Mark Crossfield'd honest and to the point reviews will talk you through what this golf teaching aid could do for your golf game. With PGA tour like stats Game Golf could might hold more answers to your lower handicap than you think.

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Iestyn Daniel says:

I've just bought the game golf (live) and went out to try it out. the device paired with the phone and everything and i buzzed every shot but when it came to looking on my phone at the shots, nothing happened and it didnt register that a round had just taken place despite doing everything correct in the set up to starting the round.. Any tips?

Barton King says:

Mark, just got the game golf live for Christmas, playing 1st round with it tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement. Love your instruction videos. You're good for golf.

Jon Don says:

Hiya Mark, just purchased one of these (live) when you're wearing the red Bluetooth device on your belt what colour is suppose to flashing if any?, forgive me but haven't  got round to using it on the course yet so I'm a bit in the dark! Thanks

Barry Phillips says:

Had game golf for about 4 weeks now tracked about 5 rounds ,found it hard to input any missing shots due to software faults,then lost the data,seems like ive wasted my money ,wonder if Mark crossfield has any update ?

nik k says:

mine fit up my ass

Logan Daniels says:

Can you use this on the range to pinpoint distances? Or can you only use it during rounds..

XcopterImages says:

Do we know if the yardages can be displayed on a smartwatch

Noel Fraser says:

Hi Mark – first of all thanks for all the great stuff you post – a massive help to a novice like myself. I recently played Le Touquet and watched your video before and after and it was a great insight. My question about the GameGolf is this – If the pin position is changed for some reason which I think happens quite regularly, is the unit still able to accurately track your puts on the green or do you need to request that the course be updated?

James Sakkas says:

This is the perfect thing that I have been looking for. Was thinking about getting GPS co-ordinates manually and setting up an excel spreadsheet to get my accuracy and lengths for each club but this thing is magnificent.

I will be definitely considering getting this to improve my game.

Strong gjk says:

GPS running watch Instead?

crl1993 says:

which would be best to purchase first Game Golf or a range finder?

BillyP1390 says:

can you use it in a comp

Todd Templer says:

Saw you using it on the latest round with Coach and wondered about this, glad you did the review. Tipped me to buy one, was waffling a bit since there were some mixed reviews on Amazon and some of the other sites. Thanks!

Jose Ruivo says:

Hi Mark,
Have you tried outthe golf analyzer PIQ yet? Wondering how it compares with this?

Gareth Darachy says:

does it give you distance to front /back etc like a gps watch would if you have app open??????????

Charlie Littlewood says:

What if you get a gimme

Krish Nathan says:

copped this for $89 during the lightning deal

Roman Galanti says:

Just discovered this product – do you recommend the Game Golf Classic (non-bluetooth version) or the Game Golf Live?

Allan Morgan says:

mark just a quick question. just got hold of the gg device. wud u advise using it in the winter conditions?

BP85 says:

+Mark Crossfield
Have you tried out the SkyGolf GT1 GameTracker yet? Wondering how it compares with this?

Kevin Covert says:

Thanks for the review Mark. You just cost me $120…. I'm excited to get out there and find out some good stats for my game!

tselby84 says:

hi mark, loving your work online. Now we are a year on from this review. how have you found this in the meanwhile. is it worth a purchase for a 28 handicapper trying to get an idea on his distances etc or would lessons on a tracking device be better for me. has it been updated since this review in anyway to improve it? thankyou

chris boulton says:

mark how often do u use game golf?

graham streek says:

I saw an ad before one of your vids for a new golf analysis system similar to game golf but gives you immediate readings, called "golf piq" any chance you could do a review?

spriggo786 says:

great review. I do what game golf gives after every round, but it's all in my head so it's subject to me screwing with the information. Plus i can't see over many rounds if something i do keeps popping up, will order ASAP really excited thanks.

chris boulton says:

just ordered this little puppy

Chris Lim says:

Hello Mark,
Great review and I agree with every thing you've mentioned about the product. I've used it for about 25 or so rounds. 

I'd like to add a couple positives and negatives about the product too if I may
– Its very fun to share the round with friends. It just shares the link and you can see what your chums do on a specific course.
– One of my friends has lost the red disks because his grip have slightly larger than normal holes vs mine. This doesn't make ir grip well and he loses them down the bag or on the course.
– the clip on the device is a bad design. It tends to pop out if you ride carts. It doesn't grip your belt well. It's evident to this as you can see reviews online that people have put them on long belts to prevent from losing them or "reinvented the clip"

Have you thought about reviewing the Arccos? Its something I just bought, similar idea minus the belt device. It uses your iPhone as the GPS locator.
Thanks for your reviews!

Neil Boyes says:

Hey Mark 

Iv been looking for a GPS tracking system to track my round and hopefully use it to improve my game, was just wondering if you have used or come across the "Golf pad app, and tags they offer". Would be nice if you could do a review on it and let us know what GPS tracker works bets and gives users the best value for money, would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for the grate reviews and tips thus fare, you have really help me understand some problems in key areas of my game….



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