GAME GOLF Winner Carl Cohen Golf Lesson

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GAME GOLF Winner Carl Cohen Golf Lesson. This is a live golf lesson with a GAME GOLF winner where Mark Crossfield helps the player improve with the help of GAME GOLF and its recored stats. Along with GC2 HMT and boditraack mark uses modern tech to help give his student simple easy golf swing ideas for improved score.


MrBucci20 says:

Is it just me or is his takeaway really wristy????

burtonsb145 says:

Longest drive 397! It must have been a nice tail wind for the old boy

Kory Gabrielson says:

Great coach wish you were in the US!!

JCorke72 says:

11:38 nice catch crossfield

Phill Seddon says:

Why change your normal drive swing to a “flick” at the end to produce a
slight draw instead of setup for a draw. ie Closed stance to target driver
pointing slightly right of target and swing normal.

jppongo06 says:

Great video Mark and well done Carl.

Chris Buckley says:

Love the idea of a defensive shot, something I have never considered. 

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