GAME GOLF Winner James Whitehurst Golf Lesson

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straight True says:

No practice swings in your pre shot James ?

James Whitehurst says:

Great to see the lesson back Mark, had forgot you put the pressure on with
that last drive!

MyMoney12341 says:

Really good video, Mark. It’s pretty clear here that you have a phenomenal
understanding of swing dynamics. Keep em’ coming!

Mike Reiter says:

Great video Mark and I used my new gamegolf last weekend!!

David Wheeler says:

Is that a mix of Frank lampard and David Tennant!?!?

Darrell Williams says:

Lucky Guy !! I have had GameGolf for several months and have like 18
rounds on it .
Amazing how fast Mark can change someones swing for the better in just a
few minutes !
I went and spent $1100 2 years ago to go to GolfTec and they messed me up
so bad I have no clue where I am at and my handicap has went UP instead of
down !!
I am thinking of quitting the game as its not much fun when you have no
clue where the ball is going …. LOL

yub nub says:

its insane how fast you can change numbers and a persons swing. a great
teacher has the ability to understand something complicated, and put it in
terms that anyone can grasp. great video yet again. keep it up. and ill be
getting my GAME GOLF soon.

Jim Sulima says:

James I was thinking of game golf u think it has shown u what u need to
work or did u already have a idea

Amrik Dillon says:

“Hi – diddly doo there neighbour!”

Dylan Colburn says:

Can you do a review on the new Taylormade Project (a) Golf Ball? Thanks!!!

hbyrdut says:

James and Mark…I can’t wait to see how the numbers look when you come
back because I have the same issue with my irons.

James smith says:

Crossfield will love the mizuno hat loving

RonanHD says:

Very good. Well done James. Putting into practice new swing thoughts with
immediate results was great. Good luck and I hope all the hard work pays

Digby Howis says:

Great product, great initiative. Great stuff

jppongo06 says:

Great video

Halex Blade says:

Nice vid mark:)

098nghj says:

Nice vid

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