GAME GOLF Worsley Park Final Part

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Game Golf Digital Tracking Device
Peter Finch:

Game Golf :

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre and Peter Finch test the latest GAME GOLF digital tracking device at Worsley Park Marriott, Manchester UK. What how Rick and Pete navigate around this tough course whilst using a new piece of technology

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cwugrad396 says:

in terms of accuracy it says 5 yards but when Pete tagged his ball he was
at the side (maybe a little in front) of his ball and Rick was behind his
ball at least a yard back so that would account for that 

Johan Klarin says:

Indefinite leave of absence – share a coke with Rick. 🙂 

grizzmack12 says:

I’ve counted over the last few weeks and Finchy has been robbed on 96
different putts.

Don DeMarcus says:

It seems as I understand it once you tag your driver after putting out it
starts the next hole. I would think some sort of button to tell the device
hole is complete after putting out.

TheGamingSpud says:

What handicap do you play off?

S. SH says:

Great vlogs, really enjoying these. Wondering if a collaboration with Mark
Crossfield is going to happen or not? Sorry, if it’s already been
addressed in the past.

Joe Chen says:

Looking forward to your analysis video of this round by using the data
collected from the device, and more importantly how you can improve your
game from there.

grumpy2159 says:

Is there a time limit on tagging and playing your shot?

L Hilldo says:

Great vlogs again lads, you were both striping it there. Be good to see the
results from the game golf device. I’m a bit of a tech junkie so will
probably look at this at some point

Rick Shiels PGA says:

With @PFGolfPro @GameYourGame @WorsleyPark

P-M Meiners says:

Great flog but I hope you guys are more accurate than the GG device is. 

Da'Mon - The World's Worst Rapper // Magician // Tech Blogger says:

How accurate would you say it is overall? I noticed that the system said
your shots were 5 yards apart on the final green, but when you walked up it
was closer to 2 yards by your judgement. I know 3 yards isn’t a huge
difference but wanted to know how it stacked up overall. I swear I saw a
175 yard PW somewhere in there too. 

JAG sixtyfive says:

Tell you what Rick. If you are able to get a hold of Adams stuff, then a
vid comparing their 3 main hybrid offerings would be really interesting and
useful. Pro v Pro Mini v DHy?

mihyaerusan says:

Thanks a lot for the Demonstration of how this gimmick works! Would be even
more interesting to hear your evaluation of it: how precise the GPS data is
and the stored course info (Rough, fairway, bunkers, dimensions of the
greens, hole locations). Is it possible to customize or update course info
such as hole locations, etc.? How good is the round analysis: i.e. is game
golf as such sufficient or is it more or less a comfortable tool for the
collection of round data, but for a good Analysis the data afterwards will
have to be transferred to other apps such as EGS? Thanks again for your
interest and please keep up the fantastic work! br

Max Cashmore says:

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davemucky says:

So what going to improve your golf more , game golf system a new ping g30
or just watch your free advice videos 

Tony Lee says:

what kind of shoes?

tadesse mekonnen says:

Can you make a Instagram please
-Tadesse from Georgia 

madmanc111 says:

Well played lads top vlogs as always☀️⛳️

Ankush Chadha says:

@pfgolfpro with that 1 iron … awesome …

760Piper says:

So I think you guys just came up with Game Golf’s new tagline…”Game
Golf….Have you tagged?” Sorry for the pun,

v3add says:

Pete say woh woh woh far too much

Andy On the Range says:

not sure about some of the distances did I see 175 yards PW?

Ankush Chadha says:

does the gg work globally ? 

Keenan Cartwright says:

New in the bag

Mike from Louisiana says:

Great videos!

salliemedia says:

Pitching wedge 175 yards?!!?? Awesome. 

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