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mohamed reda says:

I'd like to see a challenge between Gareth and Brodie smith

Peter Bowles says:

"….Champions League winner" Jammo. He called it

Joshua Horney says:

Amazing ??

Rob Scherer says:

Hit the blue back bar, more importantly, did mark rainbow that ball up and volley it up to the crossbar!?

James Gweneth says:

At least Jammo's humour makes up for his absolutely shocking golf ability 😉

Paul Kelly says:

Just watched all 6 episodes back to back… good stuff!!! Jammo is a hero!!!!

Charlie Thorp says:

gareth bale – humble guy!

Ryan C says:

Mark Crossbar!

Dan Lindholm says:

Boy in the orange shirt I wish I could say we’ve all been there before… but I really haven’t ???

nigel brooks says:

absolutely brilliant fair play to Gareth Bale top bloke

Steff Probert says:

Bale is a special bloke to be that good and that down to earth

me01jh says:

Only Parfield could have a kick about with Gareth Bale and make it all about him! Sensational stuff Brah!

Michael Werner says:

Great series… Course VLOG Gareth & Buddy vs. Muppets would be awesome!

Mark Scott says:

Jammo could make millions with stand up!

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