Gary Player answers your questions – he pulls no punches

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Nine time major champion Gary Player talks to Today’s Golfer ahead of the Open Championship at Royal Troon.


Dexter Haven says:

The unasked question about Augusta National: is the onslaught of hot balls and club technology destroying the integrity of the Masters?

Pochiu Mar says:

The interviewer says, "Um this…Um that, Umm, Ummm…"

CG Mat says:

Cant deny he looks 20 years younger than he is, me I prefer the odd glass of wine after 18 holes….

tatchy1001 says:

He has the biggest ego in golf. Is there anyone with more of a superiority complex than him

Dreama40 says:

I agree its not how long you live but how well you lived that counts. Eat, Drink and be Merry i say.

No Here Kruger says:

Not drinking and not smoking? Who the hell are YOU to say those things are bad or I shouldn't do them? I smoke cigars here and there and drink every weekend. Thats what makes ME happy. I certainly dont want to live to be a 100 if it means not doing the things I enjoy. Stop being so small minded.

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