Gary Player on bunkers

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geansai333 says:

excellent as always. a great teacher, and not a bad vid despite the DOUCHE blocking the camera.. smh

david walker says:

I'm a weekend golfer but I don't swing in the bunker like a complete cunt.

Jayden Lawson says:

This video should be called "Gary Player in a bunker"

Ray Manbert says:

As much as I loved Arnie and Jack in my opinion the greatest was Gary. Coming from South Africa with no money and a family back in South Africa he had the toughest road to achieve success. The best bunker player for sure. Thank you.


i like the teaching. I have benefited a lot

D Slatt says:

Why is someone standing there blocking the camera so we can' t see the shots ?????????????

Paul Edmondson says:

I watched Player in the practice bunker at Lytham about 30 years ago. He threw 6 balls, with force, into the bunker in different places. When the balls came out, they ran gently at the hole like putts. When he had hit them all, the worst one was 18 inches away, 2 were on the edge of the hole, and 3 were in. I've been to many opens, but watching that really stunned me.

stabes70 says:

Great Character.. Still full of life!

Thomas Elliott says:

hallmarks of a genius

ABshookme says:

I do not consider myself as a weekend golfer, but I have just found out that my bunker-knowledge is so awful that Gary Player will think something else.

seemlyme says:

So fun while he teaches

Josh C says:

Such an athletic person for his age.  Hope I can be half as athletic when I'm forty, let alone 80 years old.

Aaron Wagner says:

Gary looks like ME doing my Gary Player impersonation. 

John Sebastian says:

this is a great video….'hinge the wrists and light the match"  …works incredibly and so easy…

MyJizz UrEye says:

Very informative. I had no idea nodule ended club handles where able to be used to stimulate you or your partners prostrate so successfully.

As Gary says, an empty ball bag is a strong sign of good club usage. 

Zug75 says:

THANK YOU MR. PLAYER! IVE IMPROVED MY BUNKER PLAY DRAMATICALLY!!! FROM THIS VID. and remember… light the match. thats the secret.

Dot Matrix says:

I think Seve learnt from him. But Seve was good. So is Ernie from a bunker.

Jpgundarun says:

2 stroke penalty on each shot for touching the sand


I agree but Seve Ballesteros was right up there with him, believe it!!

StankPunatra says:

Wow very informative

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