Gary Player On Whether Tiger Woods Can Win Again | Golf Digest

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Pro Golf legend Gary Player spends time with Golf Digest as they discuss Tiger Woods' potential for winning again, shooting low, the importance of exercise, and spring break!

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Gary Player On Whether Tiger Woods Can Win Again | Golf Digest

Starring: Gary Player


David Dyer says:

Chinese are the biggest smokers in the world.

Jack E Bagbaga says:

Shame on you Greg jealous Norman

Imua Imua says:

Yep right on the money about the short game, this man knows his stuff, absolutely correct. Everytime I play the munis most guys are concerned about trying to outdrive one another but so many have no short games and no wedge games, I see it all the time.

Me Too says:

"That doesn't happen in china" anyone else here think with that kind of comment along with the tone of his voice that Gary just might be a communist

Jon Haberski says:

Tigers done. Gary is senile

Here's Johnny says:

This goody two shoes wants everyone as clones… a very boring life and die old! Stick to playing golf and stop all the sanctimonious bullshit Gary!

ysgol3 says:

Jesus, I'll be glad when this cheating midget's mouth is shut forever.

Nookinizm says:

Gary Player. A great man!

serendipityuk says:

I don't want Tiger to come back, he always had a bad attitude and carried himself terribly on the course. Hope we've seen the back of him.

James Murray says:

2nd only to Nicklaus in longevity between majors won. '59 British to '78 Masters. 19 years.

Simon Genich says:

Wow subtitles

Thomas Bae says:

Mad respect for this legend. I'm inspired by his respect and knowledge about the game of golf. I hope he lives a long and full-filling life.

Carl Broadbent says:

What a man, massive respect for him and he is a true gentleman. I would love to meet him.

SaiDaiOh says:

1:16 Yeah, maybe. But in Chinese universities, there are problems that will make drug problem look trivial, such as lack of academic integrity, plagiarism, collusion, forgery and so on.

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